Trick- Or- Treat!- Fall Melting Series & Halloween Activity



Vendor/Brand: WaxJunkieMelts

Scent: Trick-R-Treat

Product: 2 oz Scent Shot

Price: $1.25

Throw: Light-Medium (half of a melt)


Luscious, Rich, candy corn. Honey and marshmallow with a buttery smooth finish. Teeth rotting out of your head yet? Massive tooth ache? No? Great! Calling all candy corn fanatics, have I got the perfect melt for you! Look no further than Trick-R-Treat from WaxJunkieMelts. This melt will cure your sweet tooth and satisfy that craving for Halloween treats! I would suggest in larger rooms to melt the full scent shot for an even throw. This melt was a bit too sweet for my liking but for sweet freaks out there this one would be a good one for you.



The colors are on point with the candy corn candies. Too cute!

Halloween Activity 



This plate is now one of my favorite decorations and it was a fun activity the two of us shared which we can now look back on as fond memories of a fun craft day together. If you have never tried sharpie plates I’d recommend it for an easy yet creative way of spending a relaxing craft filled afternoon. You can find the plates at your local Dollar Tree for a buck and Sharpie markers can be found just about anywhere. The Dollar Tree has an off brand Sharpie marker but I would suggest going ahead and buying the real deal or the Bic Permanent markers (Wal-Mart, Office Depot) as they have worked best for me.




I also enjoy drawing/doodling as a pass time. This is just a silly Halloween drawing I drew  for fun.  Nothing like some good ole witches feet to say Happy Halloween!


I hope all you ghouls have had a lovely week! Stay safe this Halloween weekend and have a blast Halloween night! Load up on lots of candy but be sure to not eat it all at once..wouldn’t want a tummy ache! 



3 thoughts on “Trick- Or- Treat!- Fall Melting Series & Halloween Activity

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Well thank you! You should! Always a fun and easy craft to do around the house. Doesn’t have to be a plate either, Dollar Tree Has bowls and cups too! Not sure if I mentioned before but will again They are intended for decorations only (not eating) and when you finish the plate put in the oven at 375 for 25-30 min. Enjoy!


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