Wax Of The Past- October Wax Empties 

Wax of the Past- October 2016 Spoopy Edition 

*Would Recommend/Would Repurchase



Scent Shots:

  • The Hitchhiking Ghost – House of Usher Wax Museum
  • Amuck, Amuck, Amuck -House of Usher Wax Museum
  • Trick-R-Treat – WaxJunkiMelts
  • Pine, Cookie & Peppermint -WaxJunkieMelts*
  • Marshmallow Fireside – Wonderberry Wax Co
  • Cotton Candy Cocktail -Candy Panda*
  • Midnight Rave -Kittys Konfections(First melt from this vendor, pleasantly surprised) 
  • Zucchini Banana Madness – Oh, My Tarts



  • Marshmallow Peppermint Twist Single Grubbie-Front Porch Candle Co*
  • Pumpkin Cookie Dough Sample– Ava’s County Cupboard
  • Pink Peppermint 3 pack Hearts– Wild Vine Soapery*
  • Cider Lane Type 3 pack Squares– Wild Vine Soapery*
  • Oh Master Pumpkin Shape-House of Usher Wax Museum*
  • Florida Key Lime Noel Chunk– Rose Girls* (Must find more of this or blend my own, great blend!)
  • Crazy Pants Fluff Puffs Chunk– Rose Girls
  • Sinus Relief Single Grubbie– Front Porch Candle Co.
  • Zombie Antidote Brain Melt– House of Usher Wax Museum*




  • Monster  Cookie– Tuscany Candle Co.
  • Apple Blossom Freesia– Better Homes & Gardens (A shampoo like scent but after an hour or so it turns into a chemical like scent)





Samples/Stuff that was shared &swapped with me:

  • Evil Queen -Tori’s Tarts  (Not sure how it ended up in the samples picture.. this was a full scent shot) *
  • Luna -Super Tarts
  • The Great Pumpkin– Super Tarts
  • Pink Chiffon Birthday Zucchini– Sassy Girl Aroma


I also finished up a Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte wall flower from Bath & Body Works.


Though it may not have looked like I melted much this month, I worked a lot on melting from my bakery bags and bags of shapes. Also did more candle melting this month as the weather starts to cool down. Hopefully I can finish some of those off and have them in next months Wax of the Past. Sadly I wasn’t into a lot of fall melting this month, maybe I will be next month before everything turns minty.. my true favorite!


Until Next Melt,





5 thoughts on “Wax Of The Past- October Wax Empties 

  1. jaybird says:

    Hi! Normally, I don’t check out any wax empty posts, something about them bothers me. I think the empty plastic containers make me think about all of the waste and recycling, plus they aren’t too pretty to look at, especially the empty soap bottles (my crazy neurosis!) The background paper you chose here caught my eye and looked festive, so I stopped by to see what you got.
    RE Tori’s Tarts: I loved the one you shared w/me, I think it was Hades? it was so good, if you hear of another version of it, or a custom melt sale by Tori, let me know!
    Too bad on the Luna melt, I wasn’t crazy about it myself, but my husband loves it. (I swear he and I have opposite tastes)
    Re Kitty’s Konfections: she went out of business and has some large Paypal refund issue going on. I don’t think anyone can purchase from her anymore:(
    I’ve been enjoying House of Usher Wax as well, good quality even if not all are my preference. Hope you’re having a good week!
    P.S. I lol’d when I read you haven’t melted much lately, this is at least double what I go through…

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Well I am glad you stopped on by! I will try to use more fun backgrounds in the future then 😉 Yeah I heard the bad news on KK and I will be sure to let you know if I see the next Tori’s opening. I believe she just had an opening not to long ago it just wasn’t custom. I will have to sit down and go through some wax and send you some pictures to see if you would be interested in a few things to send you another package. I have a Tori’s shot that is themed Scar but I believe he is a Cherry blend. I hope you didn’t mind that Hades was half of scent shot, I just thought you would like it and wanted you to try it. It was a wicked strong melt so it didn’t take much to melt lol. Yeah I ususally change my wax pretty often and melt through more than that but here recently I’ve been re-melting and just burning a few candles here and there. You’ll have to let me know when your free sometime and we can go through some wax together!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jaybird says:

    Sound great😊 I like the trading pics idea, I still have so much of what you sent me to go through. I also finally got some BHG and Scentsationals wax that I need to try now that I’m done with Halloween melting. Of course I didn’t mind the 1/2 scent shot, it was the perfect size/strength for my bedroom wall plug-in, so long lasting too. No thanks on the cherry blends, don’t do those at all, not sure why bc I can handle other berry types but not cherry or certain syrupy cranberry.


  3. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Ha, Wax of the Past – I like it. 🙂 I love rounding up my empties (although I don’t do tend to do it; strange.) It feels very satisfying to look down and see that you’re actually using this stuff and not just letting it go skunky in a cupboard somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

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