It’s a Mystery.. Who dun it?

A Candy Panda Wax Review- The Murder Mystery-


Was it Colonel Mustard in the Ball Room with the candle stick?

Maybe Professor Plum with the revolver in the Kitchen.

Or Mrs. Peacock in the Dining Room with the rope.


Nope, it was Candy Panda in the Craft Room with the  ScentSational warmer! *Le Gasp*


Vendor: Candy Panda Wax

Scent: The Murder Mystery (Spiced Apple Soda)

Product: Scent Shot

Warmer Used: ScentSationals Bulb Mosaic Warmer

Online Scent Description: Homemade Spiced Apple Soda

Throw: Strong, Even.



Fizzy, sweet, spiced and fruity all wrapped into one melt. The effervescent is strong with this melt, lots of bubbly goodness. Diving right in, I melted the full scent shot in one session as this is how I have found to get the best results with Candy Panda wax especially in a bulb warmer.

This melt threw like a champ filling the whole room and spilling out into my hallway. What a great transitioning scent this is too from fall to winter and could even be perfect for summer to fall because of the bubbly soda notes.


Normally fall is when the hot cocoa is made up by the cup full galore in my household and continues on into winter but this year I haven’t started into the craze of warm beverage madness just yet. Instead I have been enjoying the total opposite.. smoothies! Yumm-O. My favorite so far being Blueberry Bliss. It is a must try if you have never tried Tropical because it is not wacky and out there for your first one.


Though I haven’t drank many cocoa’s yet I must show you the cute mug I got from a sweet  friend for my birthday and yes it will be an all year mug because..why not? One side says Trick and the other side,you guessed it, Treat! The shape of this mug is perfect how its sort of wonky and offset/homemade looking. Just perfect that way.


Happy Friday Waxies, Enjoy your weekend and make it a fragrant one!


Until Next Melt,



4 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery.. Who dun it?

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    This makes me want to bust out my Harry Potter Clue. I really like Candy Panda wax and should order more from her. I always seem to miss the openings/pre-orders. She does a great job with her house blends.

    Tropical Smoothie Cafe is yum. What I really miss is Planet Smoothie. The Chocolate Elvis, Grape Ape and Captain Kid were my favorites.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      What fun names! Sounds yummy too. Oooo Harry Potter clue, What fun!
      I really enjoy Candy Panda’s wax as well and the simplicity of their packaging yet I also can’t seem to catch their restocks since they go so fast. I wish there were other means of buying than in 5 packs because I am not always sure I will like a scent and I want multiple but I understand how it ensures that there aren’t any strays left after sells.


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