My First Rose Girls Sampler!- 1 lb Fruity Sampler

A little late on posting this but always better late than never! To say I am excited to have my very first Rose Girls sampler is an understatement. Sure I’ve melted RG before but never have I ever had the chance to throw something of RG into my online cart and have the satisfaction of pressing “Order.” I couldn’t pass up Jenny’s flash sale she had going on where these samplers were only $26, shipping included ready to ship. Normally I miss out on her samplers because they sell out so quickly or they are higher in price so this was perfect!

Because I do not have the scent description on these I will have to go off what my nose smells for each one. Let’s dive in!



I decided on a white backdrop so that the colors of the wax would stand out and to let the chunks be the main focus. 

1st picture left to right:

  • Serendipity Royal Sugar Cookies- Royal it is! Rich, royal icing drizzled over the softest sugar cookies fresh from the oven and dusted with a dash of serendipity. (Serendipity- Sweet, thick creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus, and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut)


  • Raspberry Cupcake Smoothie-Not quite sure how I feel about this one yet. It is a bit light on cold. The cupcake and smoothie sort of counter act one another with their sweetness while the raspberry is the dominate note. We shall see when I warm it.


  • Nilla Wafers and 7-Up Pound Cake-  The familiar crumbly short bread cookies you would find arranged neatly on top of a fresh banana pudding or handed out to kids at snack time, mixed with a buttery cake batter and cooked to perfection. The secret ingredient that you are sniffing that helps lighten up the batter and help it to stay moist? Effervescent. Bubbly, fizzy goodness straight from a pop; 7-Up that is.


2nd picture from left to right: 

  • Strawberry Creme Brulee- It is as if the strawberries were hand picked for this melt. I can smell the freshness of the strawberries skin with all of its many seeds giving it a slight earthy tone. On cold the strawberry is the dominate note but it is complimented by the sweetness of the burnt sugar that would top a Brulee.


  • Orange Kool-Aid- A familiar, sugared drink with a splash of refreshing citrus. Get a glass and some ice ready because you will want a cool beverage after sniffing this one!


  • Triple Berry Jelly Donut- Berry jelly is what we have here folks. Imagine biting into the biggest jelly donut and all of the inside leaking out the sides as you do.That would be this melt. The fried dough with its bit of greasiness and sugary glaze with fruity jelly stuffing. Top fruit note being what I believe to be strawberry that I pick up on.



3rd picture from left to right:

  • Green Apple Honey Dew- Tart granny smith apple slices meets  home grown honey dew melon. Sweet, sour, fresh, fruity goodness.


  • Bora Bora Passion fruit- What a perfect summer/beach fragrance. Grab a coconut bra, sunscreen and a grass skirt; welcome to the luau party!


All the beautiful chunks together in all their glory! My top favorites from this order so far would have to be the Nilla Wafers and 7-Up Pound Cake, Green Apple Honeydew and Orange Kool-Aid.



Have you ordered from Rose Girls? What is your favorite fragrance? Let me know!


My top favorite blend from Rose Girls so far that I would love to get my hands on more of would be Florida Key Lime Noel. This blend is so delicious.. so creamy, rich and decadent.

Until Next Melt,



One thought on “My First Rose Girls Sampler!- 1 lb Fruity Sampler

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    WHOOO HOOO! Congrats! Rosegirls is definitely a hard hitter in the wax world. Her Florida Key Lime Pie is pretty amazing. Great fruity scents you have in there. I have not ordered from her in far too long so I placed a small one yesterday. Did you order?


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