Wax Vendor Overviews (Newbies Welcome)-Fall Fun Series

Today’s topic was to highlight a vendor. Well this got me thinking and I decided to make it helpful to people who may be new to the wax world or may not have branched out to many vendors so this could help give them a good starting point. In no particular order I have listed a few vendors that I like and would recommend for newbies and well seasoned waxies alike. I have only listed a couple but just because I haven’t listed a vendor doesn’t mean I don’t like them or wouldn’t suggest them.




Vendor: Front Porch Candle Co.

Wax: Paraffin, SoyPara Wax

Example of Products: Grubby Tarts, Shaped Tarts (also offered in seasonal), Brittles, Loafs, Tart Oils, Candles, Scoopable Wax , Shaveable Tart Wax.

RTS (ready to ship) Available? This is an RTS company. Though they request 7-10 business days for your order to leave the facility.

Shipping: Free. Shipping is built into the price of the wax/tart price.  (Also be sure to use the coupon code always offered if you spend over $25 or more that is found on the home page to get 10% off your order)

Availability?  Open everyday with the exception of partial closings (60-90 min Mon-Sat. for daily restocks)

Some of my favorites from this vendor: Banana Marshmallow Zucchini Bread, Pink Peppermint Lavender, Twisted Peppermint, Cherry Coke and Fruit Salad.



  • Free Shipping
  • Combines Orders
  • Great Throwing Wax
  • Daily Restocks (Always new product coming in)
  • Product Readily Available
  • Extensive Scent List
  • Post on Instagram and email’s restock list daily




  • Email’s Restock List Daily (Yes this could also be a con if you don’t like daily emails)
  • Longer Wait On Shipping Product (about a week-week and a half)
  • No Samples (if you are a sample person)
  • Once you find a scent you like it could be a while before they restock that fragrance again unless it is a popular one. (Hack: You can request scent restocks on her Facebook Group and if you don’t have a Facebook have a good friend do it for you.)
  • Some have complained of this wax having a bread type scent undertone that your nose would have to adjust to but I was never able to pick up on that.)

This vendor is a good one to start with because they are always open so there isn’t a rush to check in and out and product will always be available with as many scents and shapes that there is to choose from. With new items constantly coming in and free shipping (Remember they also combine orders) it encourages you to be open to more that you normally wouldn’t try.

Check this vendor out here http://www.frontporchcandleco.com/



Vendor: Wild Vine Soapery

Example of Products: Scent Shots, Shapes, Occasional Loafs.

RTS (ready to ship) Available? When she opens for restocks all of her product is RTS.

Shipping: Shipping depends on the quantity of product you are ordering. I’ve had mine range from $6.40, $8.40 to I think the highest maybe $9 something.  Fast shipping. Shipping charged at time of check out.

Availability?  Monthly Restocks.

Some of my favorites from this vendor: Pink Peppermint, Strawberry White Cake, Snow Fairy, Grey Stuff, Sinus Relief and So White.


  • Fast Shipping (I mean Fast. Order on Monday she packages the same night and has it out the next day and I have it by Thursday.)
  • Lindsey is the sweetest and very helpful if you need assistance with ordering
  • Scent dupes are spot on
  • Great, reasonable prices
  • Packages Everything Well for Transit
  • Great quality and quantity of product
  • Cute packaging. She changes up her packaging from time to time and it is super fun to see what she comes up with next!
  • Good, Quality Wax
  • Lindsey is generous with her samples



  • This is a con for us the customer, not Lindsey, but her product is starting to go very fast so make sure you are there for the openings when she opens. There usually is a few pieces here and there afterwards that you could pick up but if you have your eyes on something be sure to watch the clock.

This is a good vendor because of her great prices, amazing attitude towards her customers (gets to know them and cares about them, keeps you informed about restocks, ask what you the customer would like to see in upcoming restocks, ect). Just here recently it has became a bit more.. shall I say challenging to get everything you are wanting unless you are going into order when she opens. Follow her on Instagram (@lindseylovez) to get all of the updates for restocks. She actually is having an opening this Thursday so stay tuned!

Check this vendor out here: http://wildvinesoapery.bigcartel.com/




Vendor: Sassy Girl Aroma

Example of Products: Soufflee Cups ( Large Scent Shots), Chunk Bags, Shapes, Samplers, Bath & Body, Loaves.

RTS (ready to ship) Available? This is an RTS company so all stock is RTS.

Shipping: Shipping has always been fairly reasonable with this vendor. Always around $6- 6.40. Shipping is charged separate from check out when items are about to ship.

Availability? Always open (24/7) with the exception of 1-2 days for a replenish restock.

Some of my favorites from this vendor: Girls For Sale (Pink Sugar Type), Broadway Nights (Pistachio Blend), Pink Peppermint Marshmallow, Snow Witch, Cider Lane Type.



  • Always Open
  • Extensive Scent List and Options
  • Reasonable Shipping
  • Ease of Ordering
  • Fast Shipping
  • Packages Everything Well for Transit
  • Good Quality Wax
  • Sends a Sample




  • Some items can be a bit high in price
  • Lately the bakery bags have been torn open at the bottom. (I just take a little tape and tape it back)

Check this vendor out here: http://sassygirlaroma.com/

Though at first I didn’t like the shipping not being charged at check out, I soon got use to it and have ordered from this vendor multiple times after. Easy to order, fun shapes and colors (a vendor who offers beautiful wax chunks) reasonable and fast shipping with great wax performance with little to no cure time.



Vendor: Ava’s Country Cupboard

Wax: Para/soy

Example of Products: Candles, Several different wax shapes for example: Waffle Tarts, Doughnut’s, Flowers, Pinwheels, Paw-prints, Seasonal Shapes.

RTS (ready to ship) Available? This vendor does have a ready to ship section and most of the time there is some sort of stock available but it is limited after openings.

Shipping: Guys my shipping was 3 bucks! Three bucks! What a deal. Shipping is charged at time of check out. There is an option to upgrade to a shipping box if desired (around $5). RTS orders ship between 5-7 business days, I got mine pretty quick (I want to say 3-4 days)

Availability? To my knowledge this vendor is always open.

Some of my favorites from this vendor: Berry Fizz, Blizzard Cookies, Pumpkin Cookie Dough.


  • Very Reasonable Shipping
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Packages Packaged Very Well So That Wax Is Protected During Transit
  • Good Quality Wax
  • Generous with Samples
  • Puts restock times on her website




  • Stock does sell out of popular items quickly after she opens which is to be expected so if you want something in particular be in there when she opens.

You can check out this vendor here:  http://avascountrycupboard.com/ 


First time ordering from Ava’s I was just stunned that I hadn’t ordered from her sooner. Very pleased with the packaging, feel and smell of the wax and details of the shapes. I was very excited to finally have my hands on some leaves for fall and these didn’t disappoint.



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