Wax of the Past-November 2016 Empties

Wax of The Past

November 2016

I’m back! After a short break I thought I would bring you my empties for the month of November. Many migraines and a device called a diffuser held me back from melting as much I would have liked. If you haven’t explored the world of diffusers and essential oils (I myself have just started to dip my toe into the water and explore) I would recommend trying it especially if you have headaches/migraines because the peppermint oil and lavender have really helped soothe and make the migraines more tolerable.

On to the empties! If you have been around awhile you will know that I mark scents with a little * beside each scent that I would recommend or repurchase.



  • Bomb Pop by Wonderberry*
  • “Oh Look, Another Glorious Morning.. Makes me Sick!” by House of Usher Wax Museum
  • Blizzard Cookies by Ava’s Country Cupboard*
  • Cotton Candy Supreme by Wonderberry *
  • Pink Sugar Potion Pack by Super Tarts*
  • Pink Peppermint Pack of Three Hearts by Wild Vine Soapery*



Scent Shots

  • Summer Scoop by Sassy Girl Aroma
  • Hello Darling by Butterfly Lane Scents*
  • Pumpkin Crunch Cake by Wild Vine Soapery
  • The Murder Mystery by Candy Panda Wax*
  • Haunted Happenings by House of Usher Wax Museum




  • Soft Cashmere Amber by Better Homes & Gardens
  • White Birch Leaves by Better Homes & Gardens*



Samples/Pieces/Swap Goodies 

  • Tree Beard by Super Tarts *
  • Morning Monster by Super Tarts
  • Large Medallion of The Chicago Outfit by Vintage Chic Scents


Candles, Body Care, Ect. Empties:


  • Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Foaming Hand Soap by Bath & Body Works
  • London Tea & Lemon 3 Wick Candle by Bath & Body Works *
  • Twisted Peppermint Wall Flowers by Slatkin & Co.
  • Starry Night Whipped Body Scrub by Candy Panda *


Hits This Month: 

  • Baja Cactus Blossom by Sassy Girl Aroma (Not pictured but new favorite!)
  • White Birch Leaves by Better Homes & Gardens– Super fresh and strong! Love it and will repurchase.
  • Hello Darling by Butterfly Lane Scents- The throw on this blew me away for such a tiny scent shot. I was able to re-melt this up to 3 times before I just became tired of the scent and changed it out.


Misses This Month:

  • Twisted Peppermint Wall Flower by Bath & Body Works– Only able to smell it in a small room the first few hours, wasn’t able to smell it in my living room whatsoever.
  • Morning Monster by Super Tarts- Strong coffee note that lost its scent about 30 minutes after melting and turned into a different, unpleasant scent that ended in me turning off the warmer.



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