What’s On My Tree? Melt and Ornament Review

Christmas is just around the corner! Time to decorate the tree, re-watch all of the classic Christmas films, bundle up in warmer clothes, sip hot cocoa, shop until you drop and wrap, wrap, wrap!

I decided to do something different for the month of December. As I am reviewing a few winter/Christmas melts threw-out the month I will choose an ornament from my tree to go along with that particular melt to discuss that day. Who doesn’t love a good wax melt and ornament? Christmasy right?!


So my first Christmas type scent for the month was Grinch Cake by The Bathing Garden.


Price: $3.75

Product: 6 Cube Clamshell

Scent Description: Sweet Apples, Butter, Caramel Cake, Vanilla Bean and Maple Syrup

As you may have heard it is always best to let TBG wax to sit and cure awhile but as you may have noticed this one has cured for over a year now. The reasoning for my hesitance in melting is because it has a bit of a wang/off putting scent to it but as you know you can’t always judge a scent on cold. When I read that maple was a note in this scent it all made since on why this fragrance was overly sweet to my nose. Maple mixed with caramel cake and butter equals triple richness.



This melt has just the perfect amount of class with the beads/sprinkles on top and the bold red color. Then to top it off with (what looks to me) a moldy piece that represents the Grinch and the ugliness that grew within him before his heart grew! 

Warm Review: 

My nose reports back that this does indeed get better with heat. While it is still majorly sweet, the prominent scent in this melt was the sweet apple and dark caramel with undertones of buttery cake.With only a single cube this melt was able to really pack a punch so melt with caution. (To think I was going to put in two cubes.. silly me..)



Preparing this post I quickly remembered my Grinch plate that I made last year around this time and figured it would go along perfect with this weeks theme. The plate also brings me to my ornament that was chosen for today’s post because of my love for art and all things crafty.

Whats On My Tree?

Ornament 1. 


This ornament SCREAMS me. Tis perfect with all of her colors and perfect Crayola crayons shape.. now if only they could smell like the real deal too. Equipped with the hinged top for opening and closing the crayons box and a golden hoop for adding a tree hook. Available at Hallmark or Kohls for $17.95 for all your art crazed loved ones.


Until Next Melt,



3 thoughts on “What’s On My Tree? Melt and Ornament Review

  1. jaybird says:

    Ka-ute plate! Believe it or not I identify with the Grinch, but I have my ❤ growth moments. Ugh, that Crayola ornament is perfect. Nostalgic, fun, colorful, and neat. That 64 box makes my list of favorite childhood “toys/pastimes” I wouldn’t be able to help opening/closing it often.


    • themeltdownblog says:

      If you just sit it in the trees branches you can have the option to have it closed or open but if you hang it, it tends to want to hang open since the hook is on the top of the box. I love it! Nothing better than a good ole box of 64 pack of Crayola Crayons. Don’t know about you but when I get a new box of crayons it is so hard for me to use them and destroy the points.


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