Wallet Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

What is currently my favorite store you ask? Dollar Tree! You really can find some great items if you keep your eyes peeled and take your time. I’ve really enjoyed doing the research of where I can save money and overall just exploring and finding things that I can alter and create myself with them only being a dollar. (Where else are you going to find a nice 8×11’ frame for a buck?!) I would love to share some hauls with you periodically but with this being a wax blog I may be shunned for that..


Christmas shopping can be stressful and expensive enough! I have put together a small list of items that can hopefully help ease the burden of shopping and make it more of an enjoyable experience. Everything that is discussed below can be found at the Dollar Tree. Have fun, get creative and save!


For the Nail Fanatics in your life:

  • Sassy Chic Embossed Nail Stickers 16 Pack

I needed a quick add on to a gift for a tween cousin so I found these and thought they would be perfect! Such fun patterns!

  • L.A. Colors Nail Polish

Bold fun colors for reasonable prices. Just add a top coat and you’ll be finger fabulous!

  • L.A. Nails Nail Polish Remover (32 pads)

These are one of my favorite nail care products. They are slightly strawberry scented and acetone free. Great for keeping in your purse for when your nails need a quick change or when you feel your polish is looking pretty gross and chipped just whip out one of these pads and your nails will look clean in no time.



For the Crafters in your life:

The list goes on and on of how many craft supplies the Dollar Tree has! Gobes and Gobes. Lets go over a few:

  • Paint Brushes Packs

Sure these may not have been made for painting the Mona Lisa. They do get the job done for when I may need a brush on a project I’d rather not use a nice brush on or when I am bad about forgetting to wash out my brushes after hours of painting. Believe me, I’d much rather throw away a brush that was only a dollar than one that was fifteen or twenty.

  • Modge Podge 2 oz Bottles

Yes they actually had the Modge Podge Brand! I know in the long run it would be cheaper to go ahead and get a large container at $6.99 but if you just needed it for a small project (or stocking stuffer) a dollar is nice!

  • Colored Pencils

You can never go wrong with giving someone who loves to draw more colored pencils.




For the Bath Babes in your life:

  • Shugar Soapworks Lemon Soap 7oz Bar Soap

This soap smells very fresh and not to mention it is HUGE. A fun add on to a gift or stocking stuffer!

  • Glittery Mesh Bath Sponges

I love how festive these look!! Especially the red and green ones! They also feel like good quality sponges that won’t just fall apart. (like a goon forgot to get a picture before they were added to gifts)

  • Fuzzy Socks With or Without Grippers

A girl can never have to many fuzzy socks. The reason I added this under bath was because who doesn’t love to slide on a nice pair of soft, fun socks after having a warm bath?

  • Shower Cap- 

Warning-All of my hair wouldn’t fit into this.. neither would my head. Not sure if these come in different sizes but the designs are super cute. If you are buying for someone with short hair then these should be perfect.



For the Note Takers in your life:

  • 2-in-1- Pen With Stylus

Taking notes on paper and tablets alike!

  • Fashion Ball Point Pen With Puff Ball On Top

Too cute for words and I had to get myself one to use at the office. Writes fantastic and ink hasn’t smeared on me yet. (forgot at office to get a picture..doh.)

  • ‘To Do List’ Note Pads Kitchen Themed

Love Love Love these! Very cute and has a magnet strip on the back that allows you to attach it to your fridge. Perfect for the chefs in your life.




For the Fragrance Seekers in your life:

  • Sour Melon Skittles Candle

As you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, I have burned a Skittles candle before and didn’t have the best of luck with it burning all the way across the candle. Burned for HOURS but never had an even wax pool. Here I am trying again being suckered in by the cute packaging that would satisfy both the candy lovers and the fragrance seekers that you might be buying for this year.

  • Luminessence Pine Scented Candle

I haven’t had the chance to burn this one but its very strong on cold.

  • Luminessence Peppermint Scented Candle 

I didn’t get much throw from this but it did burn for many many hours. ( I was able to at least get around 20 hours with minimal wick care and no drowning wick syndrome which is a huge plus.



For the Sweet Toothed in your life:

  • Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Christmas Shapes (The Reindeer are Cherry Cordial Flavored Marshmallow inside)

Each year my husband searches the shelves for these chocolate covered snowmen, Santa’s amd now even reindeer shaped candies.

  • Zachary Milk Chocolate Cordial Cherries 6 -Oz Boxes

Now I don’t particularly care for these but my husband’s Nana loves them and we get her a box each year to go along with her gift.

  • Russell Stover’s Iddy Biddy Milk Chocolate Santa’s 42 Count

Yum! These are some of my favorites that has me searching the shelves this time of year. Nothing really special about them other than how tiny and cute they are and that they are great tasting chocolate!


I hope these ideas encourage and aid in stuffing those stockings! Remember not to fret and to just enjoy the time spent with family.


One thought on “Wallet Friendly Stocking Stuffer Ideas.

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    8X11 frames!!! YES!!! Thank you! I bought (well got for free and paid shipping) some art prints of the girls for the grandparents for Christmas and I needed frames but hate spending so much money on a picture frame. Dollar Tree. You are a genius. Plus the girls need some to frame their jumbo Pokemon cards to hang on the wall.

    Liked by 1 person

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