Wax of the Past: December Empties 2016

Wax of the Past: December 2016
Where did December go? I feel like it was just yesterday it was December 1st and now we are on to the new year! Well on we go to a New year of new wax and new smells! For now here is what I melted and burned for the month of December. As always, I will mark favorites and recommendations with an * 


  • Marshmallow Fireside by Bath & Body Works*
  • Champagne Toast by Bath & Body Works*
  • Winter Candy Apple by Bath & Body Works*
  • Sour Melon by Skittles
  • Peppermint by Luminence 
  • Cranberry Orange Scone 


  • The Grinch by Vintage Chic Scents Single Medallion 
  • Snuggle Marshmallow Laundry Single Grubby *
  • Apricot Melon Fluff single shape by Candles From the Keeping Room *
  • Crimson by ScentSationals*
  • Going Hollywood Rose by Vintage Chic Scents
  • Mystery Tart by Front Porch Candle
  • Spearmint Spruce by Butterfly Lane Scents *
  • Cranberry Chutney by Yankee Candle 
  • Bomb Bob 6 pack by Wonderberry Wax*

Bakery Bags:

  • Jack-o-lantern by Sassy Girl Aroma
  • Sassy @ the Pumpkin Patch by Sassy Girl Aroma 

 What was some of your favorites the month of December? I found myself burning a lot more candles than melting this month which is normal for me for the winter months. When I wasn’t burning candles I was mostly reaching for a more fresh type scent or a strawberry scent like my Icy Strawberry by Sassy Girl Aroma. 


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