MIA & Valentines Wax<3

MIA & Wax!

“Heeeeeeey you guuuuuys!” *said in my best Sloth from the Goonies voice*

Sorry for being MIA lately. January was the worst with everything bad from family drama to a death in the family to my health giving me problems (all month and continuing) to other family members being in and out of the hospital. While all of this is going on I am  trying to stay afloat and continue life. So no excuses, it’s just been hard and I haven’t had the encouragement to blog. Don’t think I haven’t missed you guys though! I’ve tried to stay active in melting on my Instagram, @themeltdown15 so come follow me there to keep up with me and my melts! We have recently hit 1000 followers so I am super pumped about that!


So Valentine ’s Day is quickly approaching which is a day of mixed emotions for some people. Some find the day cheerful, lovely and mandatory which are usually the girls that are showered in bouquets of roses and hand fed chocolates as they are fanned with limbs of palm trees (if you cant tell I am laying on the exaggeration pretty heavy here). Others brood at the thought of the day as they stomp on the satin covered candy boxes smashing the waxy textured chocolate onto the pavement. To me and my husband it is just another day in which we may exchange a box of chocolates or small gesture and maybe order in so I don’t have to cook. Simple. Sure, I would like to go out but we both agree every restaurant would be ridiculously packed so we always go the day before or the day after somewhere. I don’t need a special day to have an excuse to show extra love to my husband but I don’t hate on the idea of a day that is used to express love. (just the idea of it being a day only made by companies to make a profit)

Something I do enjoy about V-day is the color scheme and decoration of the holiday. It doesn’t hurt that the chocolates and candies match the cuteness! This is when the idea struck me and this photo shoot came along.

On To What You Came For: WAX!



Salted Caramel from Front Porch Candle Company Review


Product: 4 Pack Grubby Tarts

Vendor/Brand: Front Porch Candle Company 

Price: $5.25

Scent: Salted Caramel

Wax: Soy-Para

Warmer Used to Review: Glade

Throw: Strong

Online Scent Description: “Our favorite Caramel scent with it’s Original Name, yummy Caramel Goodness!”

Repurchase?:  Probably not as it was just not my type of fragrance.


Caramel is super rich on its own with its dark gooey coloring and sticky tacky like consistency. What better than a hint of salt to offset the richness. On warm the fragrance has more of a burnt sugar like fragrance with a hint of vanilla. What I assume is sea salt, keeps the fragrance at bay without it being an overly sweet scent. One grubby threw strong for 3-4 hours in my medium sized bedroom before I changed melts. Though this melt wasn’t my favorite as caramel (and salted candies) aren’t really my cup of tea, I still found it to be a good melt and it preformed well. For you caramel lovers out there give this scent a shot and see how you like it.

Now I know these look and smell edible.. please do not eat the wax 😉

Do you have any Valentines day plans? What are your views on Valentines Day? Let me know! ❤


Until Next Melt,



7 thoughts on “MIA & Valentines Wax<3

  1. jaybird says:

    I’m very sorry to hear you’ve had a sad month:( Not feeling well certainly makes things worse. I’m thinking about you and believe we’ve been on sort of the same wavelength this past month, posting about seeking comfort and similar things.
    I’ve been squirreling away a little wax I think you’d like, so whenever you can, DM me on IG with your new address, and I’ll send you some goodies to make you feel better!

    Also, huge congrats on 1000 followers–not surprising because you’re such a positive person to follow!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Thank you, I greatly appreciate that. It truly has been a rough month and though it has gotten a little better I’m still struggling. I’ll pull through! Aww how sweet are you!! Funny you mention that as I’ve been saving back some stuff for you too. I have really been enjoying your post with mixed vendors and of course it is tempting me to buy, ugh lol. Reminds me that I need more scrubs and body care in my life!


  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    GOONIES! That’s a fantastic way to start off this post. But I’m sorry to hear that the beginning of the year hasn’t been the kindest to you so far. Fingers and paws and other things (oh my) crossed that things begin to look up.

    Also, those little grubby tarts in the chocolate box are adorable! Such a great place to store them, too, or perfect as a little gift – they just fit in there so snugly! (Can’t do caramel scents a whole lot either, especially with that salt note. Now, EAT salted caramel things? THAT I can handle!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Thank you, I appreciate that!! I’m not big on salted caramel candies or scents. I was gifted this scent during Christmas so I thought might as well try it! Never know when you just might like something!


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