It’s Been Too Long-Super Tarts

“It’s been awhile, since I last saw you!” It has been way too long since I have placed an order with Super Tarts. Smelling everything in this order just lures me back in and makes me want to run back to the site and order 10 more of each scent. Does ST contain a drug that makes you delirious and crave more wax? :p

After several attempts of filling my cart and trying to make it just perfect I trimmed my order down from several clams and finally came down to 9 clams with around six dollars and change in shipping. Though the lowest shipping comes in a padding rate envelope labeled AT RISK, everything was very well wrapped in bubble wrap and all my clams were in tact. Very pleased!

Here is what I Ordered:

From the Alice in Wonderland Collection:

It’s Always Tea Time (Green): ‘Earl Grey Tea, Tea Cakes,Peppermint Swizzle Sticks, and Whipped Cream.’

A strong buttery tea and cakes scent with just a dash of peppermint.

Off With Her Head (Red)– ‘Painted Rose’s, Mixed Berries, Marshmallow Fluff and Orange Zests. ‘

A play on a rose jam scent. Much sweeter and tart from the berries that awakens the senses. 

Curiosity Often Leads to Trouble (Pink): ‘Lemon Eclair, Sweet Amber and White Nectarine.’ 

Lucious… dreamy. Ugh! What is this wonderful blend?! This smells so familiar. Whoever else may have bought this blend, what does this smell remind you of? (Maybe a certain shampoo? Candy?) The Nectarine is soo fresh their should be juice coming out of this wax!

Wonderland (Orange): ‘Apple Mango Tango, Sweet Lollipops and French Vanilla Meringue ‘

Very sweet but I’m almost getting a lemon cleaner scent to it on cold? I’ll have to melt it and give it a shot. 

From the Lord Of the Melts Collection:

Lord of Mordor(x2)(Grey): ‘Orange Sorbet, Leather and Black Pepper ‘

Picture yourself sitting in a brand new vehicle with newly buffed leather seats eating orange sorbet from TCBY. Boom. Doesn’t everyone love that new car smell?

Isildurs Heir(Blue): ‘Frankincense, Myrrh, Green Tweed and Camu Camu. ‘

I bought this fragrance because of the frankincense but all of the scents are so well blended.It smells to me of a clean man out of the shower on cold. As you breathe in a little deeper I can pick out the earthy frankincense so it may come out stronger when melted.  


Tart Wars Jaba– ‘Ice Cream Sandwiches, Cookies & Creams, sugar syrup and berry confection. ‘

Another fragrance I bought because a scent stuck out to me. This one was the ice cream sandwiches and cookies & cream. It turned out a bit different then I had hoped but it may still have promise when warmed. On cold it smells of crushes oreo cookies and ice cream. 

Briarcliff: ‘Mac Apple, Shaving cream & Sea Salt. ‘

Shaving cream mac apple delight! Soo good. 


Die Hard: Pine Needles & Sugar Cookies

Splinter: Biolage, key lime and Brazilian jack fruit. 

I also had to place an order since ST opened up for Bam Bars today! 

I ordered a bag of Middle Earth and Mouse Ears.

Have you placed any orders recently? What are some of your favorite scents? 


5 thoughts on “It’s Been Too Long-Super Tarts

  1. jaybird says:

    Two things stand out to me about this haul: 1) I’m impressed that no clams were broken (which is so nice for your great photos) is 9 the magic clammie #? I’ve never received ST when at least 1 clamshell wasn’t broken😕
    2)For as different as our scent preferences are, I think I’d buy any one of these scents! That’s the thing about ST, you can always find complex layered blends alongside the straight up bakery or fresh.
    Now that you have cold sniffed, I’ll probably stay away from Wonderland, but I’m curious about Curiouser. I hope that some of these are available when I make my big order in April. I’ll be buying for myself and for friends, so I have to work out the best shipping method. I really like the clams and variety, so no bam bags for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      You know I’m not sure what the magic number is, maybe it is 9 because I’m wanting to say my last order had broken ones but they didn’t come wrapped in the bubble wrap like this order did. Yes I’m very impressed with her blending! It makes me want to try blends that I may not be sure of because everything I’ve been unsure of so far as been some of my favorites! Ooo you’ll have to let me know what all you order in April, sounds exciting!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie Johnson says:

    Excellent order!!! That nectarine and amber scent really sounds awesome. I was browsing the bags online and wanted to order a few but just haven’t gotten around to it. I think I may go back and look at few again if they are still up. I love that Mordor has yellow and red under the grey. Almost like embers and fire. Makes me want to get started on my LotR quilt.

    Liked by 1 person

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