Wax of the Past- February 2017 Empties 

NOTE: Scents with * beside them I would recommend and repurchase. 


-Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream by ScentSationals *

-Sugared Lavender Twist  (x2) by Better Homes & Gardens * This scent was indulged in many, many times over the course of this month. Very relaxing to me and easily accessible. 

– My Precious Lord of the Melts collection by Super Tarts

-Just Breathe by Scentsy*

-Sweet Watermelon Buttercream by Better Homes & Gardens –NewThe only reason I wouldn’t repurchase is after about an hour of melting this scent gives off a cough syrup scent.

-Peaches and Cream by Better Homes & Gardens 

Baggies, Shapes & Samples:
-Ginger ale Potion Pack by Super Tarts*

-Die Hard Sample from Super Tarts* Must get more!

-Country Garden from Glitter Garden Farms

-Mystery Grubby from Front Porch Candle Co  (x2)

-Pink Sugar Grubby from Front Porch Candle Co *

-Mrs. Lovett’s Pie Shop from Vintage Chic Scents

-Pumpkin Cream Soda Sample from Candles From the Keeping Room*

– Orange Kool-aid by Rose Girls *

Scent Shots: 

-Dark Paradise by Blank Label * If you are a Rose Jam fanatic, you will love this blend

-Girls for Sale (Pink Sugar) by Sassy Girl Aroma * Such a decadent pink sugar blend

-Pumpkin Crunch Cake by Wild Vine Soapery *
This month was a good melting month on not having any duds. Everything preformed and smelled pretty good for the most part. 

This months favorite: Sugared Lavender Twist from BHG & Briarcliff from Super Tarts. 

Found myself craving/grabbing for: Fall scents and anything relaxing/stress relieving. 

What have you enjoyed the most the month of February? A certain fragrance? Scent category? Vendor? Let me know! 
Until Next Melt! 


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