Another Super Tarts Haul- Gilmore Girls & More! 

Currently on season 2, Episode 6 of Gilmore Girls, my mind deemed it necessary to shop around in the Stars Hollow tart collection and see what stood out. Lorelai and Rory were a must but Jess just sounded too interesting of a scent to pass up. 

What I Ordered:

From Stars Hollow Collection:

Rory(Teal)Persimmon Iced cookies, Strawberry Poptarts

Though I don’t smell Poptarts on cold, the Persimmon is very strong  (but yet so nice!) On cold. 

Lorelai (Black & Blue)Coffee, Midnight Ice Cream, Cinnamon Donuts

I was nervous about the coffee note in this and though it is strong, it’s really rather scrumptious and decadent with the cinnamon donuts adding a dash of cinnamon to the mix.

Jess(Black) Rose Jam, Peppermint, Leather bound books

The leather bound books is what interested me the most and made me purchase. One of my favorite ST blends is Lord of Mordor which is also a leather blend so I had to give this one a go. While this one is very different it does remind me of the leather worn books that you could normally find being carried by the character Rory or the new to me character Jess.

From the OUAT Collection:

The order was no question when I had scrolled through and saw that Brandy and team had restocked Sea Witch, Fairy Dust and Maleficent from the Once Upon a Time collection because I have been waiting what seems like forever to get my hands on these. 
Sawitch(Grey)Seaside, Mandarin, Northern Lights (Lush dupe) and Mimosa

Wowza this scent is amazing. Very clean reminding me almost of a fresh tropical Gain type maybe? Though not to confuse this scent with laundry and scare the laundry scent haters away from this, it just has that kind of freshness about it. 

Maleficent(Dark Purple)– Dragons Blood (Earthy Citrus) Rosewood, Dark Amber, Clove and Rose Jam. 

Masculine, fierce scent with deep Clove and Rosewood as the dominate notes. A scent I believe represents Maleficent well. 

Fairy Dust(Glitter Yellow)Balsam, Raspberry Cake Batter.

Balsam is the key note with added creaminess of the cakebatter. So so good. Not to be confused with a Christmas scent because of the balsam. 


Darth(Black) Tart WarsThe Omen (Ocean Breeze, VBN and Red Delicious Apple), blended with Rosemary Mint. 

Count me in on the Omen addiction. I now understand the hype because it is amazing! The Rosemary mint compliments this fragrance beautifully. 

Emma Frost(Grey)Sparkling Ginger ale, Vanilla Bean Noel and Sugar Crystals.

Strong, strong Ginger ale and it’s effervescence. Hoping the VBN will come out more when warmed. 

Huffle Puff(Yellow/Gold) Wizard Melts- Sweet Bananas, Buttery Pie Crust and Sweet Cream Blended Together To Make This Delicious Bananas Cream Pie.

Those who have been around awhile know I love my banana melts. Not to mention banana bakery! So this sounded amazing. This smells more like the Runts banana candies on cold so I’m hoping for more once warmed.

My sample was in Mouse Ears. 
All in all I was yet again pleased with my order! I am currently waiting on a clamshell order from her new line, Oz (How Flipping exciting!) and my Bam Bags from the last preorder. Have you made any Super Tarts purchases recently? Let me know your favorites!

Until Next Melt, 


7 thoughts on “Another Super Tarts Haul- Gilmore Girls & More! 

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    What a fantastic order!!! You know… I have not placed a Super Tarts order in years but you enabled me not too long ago. I placed an order on Woman’s Day though I missed using the code by an hour or so. Boo. But I am not in the group so I cannot be too upset about it. I only saw it mentioned on IG belatedly. I have watched a few GG episodes here and there when I was young but I really need to sit down and watch it from start to finish one of these days. Out of your choices I would say Maleficent is really really grabbing me. I need to go back and see if that was one I picked out. My order shipped yesterday sooooo… look for a ST haul soon. LOL! Have a nice weekend, lovely!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I’ve always put off watching Gilmore Girls thinking it was just some girly girl show but now that I’ve finally gave in and watched it I find that I’m really enjoying it. Glad to hear you placed an order but hate that you missed the code! Can not wait to see what you ordered though, I’m sure it will inspire me to make another order!🙈I hope you have a wonderful one too girl!


  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I’m deeply intrigued by Fairy Dust, it sounds so interesting! This Christmas I stumbled upon an amazing, accidental combination of a pine/cologney-type scent and, like, raspberry cotton candy and it was amazing, so I believe in the weird power of trees-and-fruity-candy!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Sandra Lewrey says:

        I have a pretty small apartment, so in one room I had this Rosegirls blend called Go Tell it on DK Mountain (one of those Super Mario blends) which is pine, Sweater Weather and Vanilla Bean Noel. Then in the next room I had a blend of Mini Melters in Raspberry Sauce and Cotton Candy Frosting. In between where the two scents met? Amazing. Sweet, fruity, pine, cologne, bit of vanilla…sounds like it absolutely shouldn’t have worked (and cologney-type scents like Sweater Weather are typically not my jam) but it totally did!

        Liked by 1 person

      • themeltdownblog says:

        Hey it sounds amazing to me! I’ll have to write down the scent notes that you mixed and try to get close to it. I am still kicking myself for missing out on RG Super Mario Blends.. I have wanted to get my hands on some of those for years! Maybe the next time she stocks them. Especially Boos Mansion!


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