Castles, Knights & Camelot Delight!

Vendor/Brand: Oak & Rye (Kroger)

Scent: Camelot 

Product: 6 Cube Clamshell

Price: $1.99

When I found this on the shelf while rummaging through the home fragrance in Kroger, I quickly became very intrigued. How does one put a scent to such a thing? What on earth would it smell like? First I had to stop myself and think what I expected it to smell like. 

When I think of Camelot I first think Knights and their big clunky suits of armour. My mind goes to this because of King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table. Castles are another big element because you cannot have Camelot without a castle. So with what we have to work with so far that would be: chain mail which would smell of brass and iron, sweat I assume because of the many layers of armour and not to mention pour hygiene *shudders*. Castles are moist, damp and cold with hay, dirt floors or stone. So if we mix that together we get a kind of metal, moist dirt, man sweat type scent… ick! (Unless you are into that type thing.. in that case, my apologies) 
Well the good news is that this wax smells nothing like that. 

I looked everywhere online for this scent description and was unable to find it. It is so frustrating but that is to be expected when buying scents in store. 

This scent reminds me of green grassy fields and honeysuckle type floral fragrance. What I believe to be honeysuckle being the key note in this wax makes it a perfect spring/summer fragrance. There’s a hint of a soil that adds to the realness of the grass. I’d suggest two cubes for a medium to large room for a even throw. 
If this sounds like your type of scent, see if you can find this melt in your local Kroger and tell me what you think! 

What would you think Camelot would smell like if you were mixing the scent? 
Until Next Melt, 


3 thoughts on “Castles, Knights & Camelot Delight!

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Oh fun! Camelot! It sounds beautiful. Like a perfect spring scent. I am totally digging Jay’s Camelot description. And I want to have it in a tart. Hmmmm… I am guessing leather and hay for the stables, herbs for the for the herb strewn stone floors, mead for the ale and a touch of fireside for the hearth. Oh. And a dash of magic.

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