Warmed Review-3/21/17 Vintage Chic Scents, L3, Rainbow Melts, Super Tarts

Below are some of the melts I have melted over the past week.


Emma Frost

Scent Description: Sparkling Ginger, VBN (Vanilla Bean Noel) and Sugar Crystals.

Throw: Medium

Creamy vanilla effervescence splendor. Kicking myself for not getting more of this. If this is offered in a Bam Bag I will probably snag two since this clam shell has already almost bit the dust. Simple, If you like the crispness of ginger-ale and the creaminess of VBN then this melt is for you.






Scent Description: Cotton Candy Frosting, Boo Berry, Vanilla Wafer.

Throw: Knock Out Strong (Had to turn off the warmer, suggest smaller piece than what I used)

This was a huge chunk to begin with so I assumed cutting it in half would be fine which was wrong and resulted in me turning off the warmer. I was hoping to LOVE this one with the Boo Berry and the Vanilla Wafer especially after adoring the wafer in the RG Cherry Wafer melt but something about it just didn’t sit well with me.





Grandma’s Pearls

  Scent Description: Marshmallow Lavender Vanilla

Throw: Medium

Grandma’s Pearls was a melt I have held onto for awhile now. When it was first given to me I was going through a time where lavender and me just didn’t get along. I believe it was because I had melted it too much in the past and just needed a break. The other day after sniffing through a few melts is when I ran across this one and it smelled absolutely wonderful. Don’t you just love finding those little treasures you already own? I call it shopping at home!  Any-who, as you can see this has had plenty of time to be nice and cured and it threw with a medium throw cut into four pieces. So beautiful and light enough for use of a bedtime melt. A scent I’ll watch for in upcoming restocks.





Scent Description: Coffee, Midnight Ice Cream and Cinnamon Donuts.

Throw: Strong

Black roasted coffee beans swirled with a decadent, vanilla ice cream and sticky sweet cinnamon donuts.  What more can a girl ask for when a sweet tooth strikes? Stunned I tell you, just stunned (channeling Blanche for a moment) that this stuck to me the way it did. It is so pleasant. Not that bitter, in your face coffee note that you get on cold but once its melting transforms into the comforting coffee aroma you would get when walking down the coffee bean isle of the market and it just engulfs you in such a soothing scent. The cinnamon donuts adds the perfect bit of spice while the creaminess of the ice cream keep the coffee at bay leaving this to be a well rounded blend.





Sweet Pink Holiday

Scent Description: Pink Sugar, Frosted Pink Cake & Vanilla Bean Noel.

Throw: Light

Say it with me everyone… YUM!! Again with the VBN? Yes because it is freaking amazing. Now years ago when the only form that I knew this scent in was B&BW, it was repulsively sweet and I wanted nothing to do with it. Now that I have explored it blended into vendor wax, totally game. Blend that noel in everything! The scent is pretty self explanatory but yet so perfect, light and airy. The scent description doesn’t mention marshmallows but I swear its got a bit of a bouncy marshmallow fragrance.  If only it could have threw a little stronger, it was a bit light for my liking.


Out of your melting week what have you enjoyed the most? Has anything stuck out to you? Let me know!


Until Next Melt,




2 thoughts on “Warmed Review-3/21/17 Vintage Chic Scents, L3, Rainbow Melts, Super Tarts

  1. jaybird says:

    Emma Frost sounds yummy, I do love ginger ale and VBN! Sorry the L3 didn’t work out, the notes seemed like some of your faves, but I’m not really keen on L3’s fruity blends. I think those were approx 4 oz chunks though, so yowza that was a big old hunk all at once!

    Liked by 1 person

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