The MeltdownBlog Turns One! 

As of yesterday, The MeltdownBlog is now a year old! It feels like just yesterday I decided to go on this adventure we call  blogging. Time sure does fly when your having fun! I hope you have enjoyed reading along as much as I have enjoyed  sharing it with you all and getting to know most of you other bloggers. I have grown over the year to love vendor wax either as much if not more than candles, branched out in trying new scents I never thought I would like such as shaving cream blends and bakery. (In the past I wouldn’t go near anything that was food fragranced.)

To celebrate I thought I would post a link to my very first blog and a throw back to a few of my first orders along the way.

Since I’ve been a little ST obsessed here recently, here is a throw back to my very first order from them. Lord of Mordor still stands as one of my favorites to this day! Sample in Treebeard.

My first vendor experience was with Front Porch Candle Co. Ease of ordering and free shipping really had me hooked at first. I  will still suggest if you are new to the wax world to start with a vendor such as Front Porch or Eagle Rock.

The 2nd wax vendor that I ordered from was Eagle Rock Candle Co and this was the first order I placed with them. My favorite being the 7-up Pound Cake and Monkey Farts while the Leather Jacket being a favorite of my husbands.

If you’ve followed me from the beginning, my used to be favorite melt from Front Porch was her Pink Peppermint Lavender  which is what I’m melting here in my profile picture. I’ve melted it so much that it would probably make me ill now but I use to rave about it. This warmer being my first warmer and that it was given to me by my mother means so much to me while all the while being so beautiful.


7 thoughts on “The MeltdownBlog Turns One! 

  1. jaybird says:

    Congratulations! I’ll admit to being super confused for a minute because I thought you were blogging well before I was? I guess we found each others blogs around April last year and I had no idea you’d recently started. Maybe because you’d been on IG longer?
    Anyways, since I have 2 whole months longer experience than you, let me say “enjoy the ride, kid” ;)))

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  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Hey, congratulations to you! That’s an amazing milestone. I like to remind us long-timers of this on occasion, but the success rate of a blog is on par with that of opening a restaurant – 90 percent fold within the first year (actually the first three months with blogs.) So a year is tremendous – congratulations again. 🙂

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  3. amandac99 says:

    Congrats on your first Blog-o-versary! I really enjoyed seeing your first orders; you have excellent taste. 🙂 Front Porch was one of first vendors I tried too. I’ve always wanted to try Eagle Rock; I hope I’ll get around to ordering from them soon. Surprisingly for as long as I’ve been into vendor wax I’ve never ordered directly from Supertarts, mainly because their scent list is so beautiful extensive that every time I look I have a hard time choosing a *reasonable* amount to purchase. I have gotten several clams in destashes and really like Mouse Ears and My Precious. I would love to try Middle Earth; sounds so fresh and unique. Thanks for sharing; I always enjoy your posts!

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Aww, thank you!! Yes you must get around to trying Eagle Rock soon. They are a nice vendor to try if you like relaxed ordering. They are a 100% soy, so that is something to keep in mind. If you ever just want to discuss ST orders I’m here to help! They have me in their grasp right now as being one of my favorites. I now see why Middle Earth and Mouse Ears are always sold out, huge favorites of mine! Well THANK YOU for reading , it is always appreciated !!


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