Bam Bags In the House! 

I promise that I have more content than just Super Tarts in my agenda but ST has just been rocking it in my book. I couldn’t resist ordering again for this last preorder of Bam Bags so I have two more bags on the way. I went back and forth on whether or not to just hold off and add this to my haul of clams that should be in in Monday or giving them their own post. So here we are! I’ll admit, I like the clear zip bags a lot more compared to the red and black bakery bags that the bags used to come in. 

Mouse Ears Bam Bags 

Hot Dog,Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog this is delicious! Freshly squeezed tart lemonade that will make your lips pucker. Then sweet lollipops come in to help contain the acidic lemon juice flavor. Great melt to have going to freshen the air while cleaning or after cooking. 

Middle Earth Bam Bag

Middle Earth: Dirt, Rosemary Mint and Fresh Mint Leaf. 

Oh my, how have I been without this for so long?  No shame in admitting to inhaling the bag for several minutes upon opening the bag to the BEAUTIFUL blend. The fresh mint is so enchanting and draws me in like the Precious for another sniff. Kicking myself for not getting at least two bags. I’ll be on the look out for this in a perfume. 
My sample was in the scent Scrooged which of course I just have to like and will proably want a clamshell. *sighs* 
Have you tried any of these scents? Did you order anything from the Bam Bag opening? 


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