Country Market- 719 Walnut Avenue Candle.

719 Walnut Avenue is a brand I have heard a lot about but it has always passed under my radar since they aren’t kept in the home fragrance section where the other candles are kept in Wal-Mart. I made a special point a few weeks ago to stop by the isle with all the laundry supplies where these candles were and skimmed through the scents which were severely limited to about 3 scents.
Though these are affordable candles I only bought one because of the mixed reviews I have heard on their preformance. Some state that they are worthy of dupes for B&BW while some say that they preform poorly and there is a reason why they are only $5.

Country Market-Freshly picked, juicy berry and watermelon from the local country market.”

Country Market on cold smells exactly like the Wild Berry Pop Tarts that are decorated with the purple icing and blue swirls. If this candle keeps this scent while burning I’m already a fan!

A full wax pool formed in about an hour.

Though I let the candle burn from 4 to 11 that night non-stop, I didn’t get any throw from it the entire time. So I tried again the next day and I may have let it burn too long the first burn because instead of smelling nothing at all I began sneezing because of a smokey smell the wicks were giving off. The candle did burn beautifully with strong wicks the whole time I was able to burn it so if the scent throw was there this would have got an A+ from me. Off to my candle crock this one goes to see if anything comes of it.
What are your thoughts and experiences with 719 Walnut Avenue? Let me know!

Until Next Burn,


4 thoughts on “Country Market- 719 Walnut Avenue Candle.

  1. amandac99 says:

    I love 719 brand of candles because they are comparable to BBW for me but are so inexpensive! I purchased this country market scent a few weeks ago and it has had a strong and pleasant mixed fruit aroma for me; I’m so sorry you haven’t gotten any throw. Other favorites from this line include Mahogany Driftwood and in the fall the Pumpkin Waffles and Caramel Cinnamon Rolls are to die for!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Well this just proves I will have to try again! It really must have just been a dud because I couldn’t smell it even as I stood up close to the candle. Thank you for the suggestions, Caramel Cinnamon Rolls sounds amazing!


  2. Michelle says:

    Thank goodness for candle crocks! I’ve heard mixed reviews about this brand too but have never found a fragrance of their’s I really wanted to try. Btw, why are these candles in the cleaning aisle?! It’s always baffled me lol


    • themeltdownblog says:

      Very good question Michelle.. interesting indeed! lol. I’ve never understood it myself since they have nothing to do with the cleaners/laundry so you would think that they would be with the other candles and melts. It will probably take me another few weeks to mingle over there again to pick up another candle if I do while I am over there getting detergent lol.


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