Wax of the Past: March 2017 Empties & Favorites 

A few favorites that I enjoyed this month: 

•Sinful Colors Profesional Nail Polish in the shade Let’s Talk. 

•Necklace I believe came from Wal-Mart.

•Wax melt in the scent Emma Stone by Super Tarts which is a blend of sparkling ginger, VBN and sugar crystals 

•Tangler Teezer Wet or Dry Brush from Ulta. 

•Werther’s Originals Hard Caramel Candies.

• Wax melt in the scent Darth which is a blend of The Omen and rosemary mint.

• Peppermint essential oil roller ball by Nature’s Truth.

Wax of the Past March Empties:

*I would recommend/repurchase


  • Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream- ScentSationals*
  • Emma Frost- Super Tarts*
  • Lord of Mordor- Super Tarts*
  • Sugared Lavender Twist- Better Homes and Gardens*
  • Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies- ScentSationals 
  • Monkey Farts- Eagle Rock Candle Co.*
  • Snuggle- Airwalk*
  • Trick or Treat (scent shot)- House of Usher Wax Museum  
  • Smoky Grey Mist- Better Homes and Gardens 


  • Sweet Pink Holiday- Rainbow Melts*
  • Raspberry Cupcake Smoothie- Rose Girls
  • Scent Burst In The Scent Blood Orange & Teakwood 
  • Cherry Wafer- Rose Girls*
  • Grandma’s Pearls- Vintage Chic Scents*
  • Cider Lane Type- Sassy Girl Aroma*
  • Pink Peppermint- Wild Vine Soapery
  • Scrooged Sample- Super Tarts
  • Mouse Ears Sample- Super Tarts*
  • Pink Sugar- Front Porch Candle Co. 

Candles and Such:

  • Happy Easter Pocket Backup. 
  • Happy Easter Foaming Soap (not pictured)
  • Country Market Candle- 719 Walnut Avenue 

I found myself craving fall and blueberry scents this month. The only blueberry that I had to my name was a candle from Goosecreek in Blueberry Pumpkin which falls under both of those categories. Once I gave up on burning it and put it on my candle crock I was in blueberry bliss. 

What scents did you find yourself reaching for this past month? Craving anything special? Let me know!

Until Next Melt, 


2 thoughts on “Wax of the Past: March 2017 Empties & Favorites 

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Do you like that brush better than the Wet Brush that is popular? And please tell me how you are using your peppermint oil roller ball. I put some on my temples before bed sometimes but I like to know how other people use it too. Looks like you melted through some great wax this month! I need to get my hands on Darth. I bet I would like it. When I send your blackberry fudge I will send you some blueberry from SMT that I have and love. Thank you again for the totally amazing Potter box xoxoxo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I’ve only ever used this Wet Brush so I wouldn’t be able to tell you which is better though I’ve been recommended wet and dry brushes time and time again so I thought it was finally time that I try one.

      For the peppermint roller I tend to use it on my temples and down along side of my neck but also have been known to put it on the insides of my wrist and the back of my neck. I get tention headaches and migraines that radiate to my neck so I find that bit of tingle helps.
      Oh I’m just trilled that you enjoyed the box, I just jumped on the Harry Potter theme and thought Easter and candy so what better than Honey Dukes! I wish I could have fit more in the box, believe me I tried and had more to put in! Next time! Hope the face mask work out for you!


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