Country Lane Keepsakes- Serendipity

Serendipity- Sweet, thick,creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar, sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut.

Spring is in the air! Flowers sporadically popping up throughout the abundance of grass, birds chirping in harmony early in the mornings and longer days to enjoy outside. Spring usually means allergy season for me with the wave of pollen that paints everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Yet it is still such an enjoyable season because of the many bright colors and the cooler weather before summer takes its blistering turn.

Let’s take a moment to just admire this multi color beauty. Such a splendid attention to detail. Almost way to beautiful to melt. Almost. Like their name suggest, they really do make ‘keepsakes’.
On cold I pick up a citrus vanilla play-doh. Very light.  To my knowledge, Serendipity is usually used as a blending scent more than just melted on its own.

Warmed the play-doh scent does mostly fade away and your left with a soft fruity fragrance which is more heavy on the cherry and citrus for me to be able to pick them out from a lighter throwing melt. I didn’t let this melt for long before turning it off because I just didn’t care for what little I was able to smell.

All in all I wouldn’t call myself a serendipity fan and I wouldn’t choose this scent again. This particular melt was shared with me by a wax friend in one of our swaps from last year.

Have you made a purchase with this vendor? What do you suggest?

Do you happen to like serendipity? Let me know!

Until Next Melt,


4 thoughts on “Country Lane Keepsakes- Serendipity

  1. Furianne says:

    I haven’t tried CLK, but I am always oogling her gorgeous wax! I like serendipity as a mixer scent. If it’s too strong I tend to stay away from the scent or blend. When I blend serendipity I tend to blend it with creamy bakery or musky scents.

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