Here We Go Again: Super Tarts!


“An’ here I go again on my own…! 

Another order you say? Why yes, yes it is! What encouraged my finger to slip and hit order, slip again to press continue through to pay pal then with typing in my password and slip again to confirm the order you ask? (I have always thought it to be humorous when people say, “Whoops my finger slipped!” How many times did it just happen to “slip” exactly? )

I placed this specific order because of Brandy’s new collection, Oz. Once I heard of this collection being released I couldn’t get to ST page fast enough. If you couldn’t already tell by my excitement, Wizard of Oz is a huge obsession of mine. Good Witch and the Wicked Witch were sold out in a flash along with many other scents but I did happen to catch a few and add them to my cart. Ha-Ha, caught you my pretties!


Cowardly– “Biolage, cotton candy, vanilla bean, sparkling champagne & mixed melons”

Biolage. My nose just can not get past it enough to smell anything else. To be completely honest I have no idea how this even ended up in my cart with biolage being in the scent description. I was completely confused after pulling it out of the envelope. This will just be tucked away for awhile and periodically taken out for a whiff or two to see if my nose changes for it.

Oz– “Gingerale, Key Lime custard and birthday cake bites”

There are two types of key lime when it comes to wax. One is a more gentle approach that smells of fresh limes, sweetened with a little sugar or cream. The other is more of a bitter, tart, in your face type that can come off as pungent if you’re not careful.

 I’m afraid Oz is the second one I described once you first inhale but I’m hopeful that the cake bites and ginger-ale will help mellow out the bitterness once warmed.

Wizard- “Toasted Mallow, Fireside and Cinnamon Sticks”

Mmmmm. Fireside cinnamon bliss. Perfect smoky, sweet with a dash of cinnamon. Though most have deemed this as a fall melt, I will probably break this clam out before than as it is way too good to hold out on.

Toto-“Shaving cream, The Omen and Fierce”

Who or what made Toto soo sexy? If you have tried Brandy’s Omen (Ocean breezes, Vanilla Bean Noel and red delicious apple), blend it with a very sexy man cologne and creamy shaving cream (Gillette) to create this. Rawr.

Tin Man- “Pink Sugar, sweet lavender cream and stainless steel. (A Go To Sleep blend)”

I do get the Go To Sleep but it is mostly in the background of this mysterious ‘stainless steel’ fragrance. It does take on a metal like resemblance once inhaled over the palette almost like the type of metalic taste you sometimes can get in your mouth yet it is pleasant and almost can come off as a natural cologne.

Misc. Collections: 

Dobby-“Linen sock, ocean mist and dune grass”

Fresh out of the dryer laundry and sandy grass. So fresh and so clean clean!

Just Breathe- “Eucalyptus and Vicks”

Nose clearing Vicks we all know and love!

BBQ Bob – “Fireside, smoked bacon Brulé”

Don’t let this scare you away! It actually is very pleasant. Blending fireside and vanilla cream with a crisp burnt sugar note grazing the top. The bacon is very subtle if at all present on cold.

Beauty & The Beast- “Sweet BlackBerries and magically delicious our house lucky charms blend”

Delicious Lucky Charms marshmallows and juicy sweet blackberries. Such a beautiful fragrance! The flowers are a miss for me though as they go everywhere once opening the clam and up the nose if not careful when sniffing. I will probably rake them off to protect us from our raging, angry allergies.


Placed any orders with ST lately? Found anything worth writing home about? Let me know!


13 thoughts on “Here We Go Again: Super Tarts!

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Wizard!!!! You tempt me with wizard! I love all these cool crazy scents you picked up. And I hear you about fingers slipping… between filling out the info and passwords and submits and whatnot you do have to pretty much want what you are buying LOL! Thanks to you I have rekindled my love for ST ❤ And I will be on the look out for Wizard. You can count on that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yes I think you would like Wizard! You and your Fireside blends!😊 I’m still eyeing Hades.. that blue sugar and fireside.. yum!
      I know right? Talk about fingers slipping x100! 😁
      Oh thank you, I was hoping it would look kind of whimsical and fun for pictures! So glad you have fallen back in 💖 for ST! Enjoy!


  2. Furianne says:

    Sounds like your hands had a blast as they slipped their way through this order! LOL

    All of the key limes I’ve tried are the more pungent variety. Now I’m afraid of any scent that even hints at it. Here’s hoping yours turns out to be the gentler one once melted!

    I’ve never placed any orders with ST. Their openings tend to land in the middle of when I’m asleep and I’m done with my “set an alarm for x opening” days for a bit. I have tried a few that have been sent from Julie and I’m very impressed! I’m just wary of adding more hard to buy from vendors to my list when I already buy from so many.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Oh ST is now a RTS vendor. Sure they sell out of certain scents and it may take awhile before they are back in stock but they are always open now so it is actually pretty easy to make an order now.. .too easy because I keep buying lol! You should totally check them out!! I know you are iffy about key lime but if you like ginger ale, Emma Stone is a great one!


  3. jaybird says:

    I ordered from a few collections, was interested in Tin Man, but he was sold out already. I get mega-burn-my-nose-hairs-cinnamon from the Wizard. Maybe I’ll offer it up to Julie, bc it’s too cinnamony for me:(
    P.S. Toto was always a sexy beast to me;)

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Bahahahaha on your Toto comment!
      Yessss Tin Man! I want several Super Pans of this! 😍 so good that sweet lavender cream. Ugh. I only have two cubes left so she needs to hurry and restock it!
      There are several scents I am trying to patiently wait for her to restock on and that just happens to be one.
      Yes I knew Julie had been eyeing Wizard if you didn’t like it. Hate it didn’t work out for you.
      Can’t wait to see what all you ordered though. Any favs?


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