The Chopping Of My Heart-Wax Chopping 

After 8 months of holding onto (desperately hoarding) this beauty, I figured it was finally time to cut into this. It was a gift given to me by my husband. One afternoon, July 26th to be exact, I had come home from work and he had a box waiting on me that smelled amazing!

 Upon opening it I found this absolutely adorable little cake from Candles By Victoria in the scent Cherry Fizzy Pops. I had been trying to find scents the he would also like since I melt so often and had previously discovered that he liked Fizzy Cola and cherry melts. So when he picked out this melt for us he did perfectly. 

There was no way this was going to the chopping block right away so I’d have to find a way to store it and if possible a way to display it. That’s when I found an empty Bath & Body Works candle jar that the cake fit perfectly inside. That way it would be sealed in an airtight container while also being on display. Perfect!

The first initial cut hurt a bit, Not going to lie and say it didn’t. My heart probably looked a little like the above picture at first. Then the yummy smells came through even stronger and lessened the blow  😋😋 

Cherry Fizzy Pop- “Our wonderful Fizzy Pop and a splash of Cherry to make you say yummy!”

Fizzy Pop-“Smells lemon lime soda fragrance with carbonation and everything. This is one powerful yummy scent!”

Just look at that side cut showing all the satisfying layers. The layers did make it more difficult in making even, pretty chunks without shattering the wax. 

A bakery bag was included in my order which came in handy today in storing my cut chunks. 

Have you ever ordered with this vendor? Any suggestions on scents worth trying? 

Do you have a piece of wax you are hoarding because it is too pretty? 

Until Next Melt, 


6 thoughts on “The Chopping Of My Heart-Wax Chopping 

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    WOW! How cool! I love your idea of using an old BBW candle jar as a kind of cloche. Genius. And how sweet of your husband to pick that heart cake out for you. Adam buys me wax now and then but he is more like “I want to buy you wax so here is my card.” I would be interested to see what actual scents he would pick out for me. I love the CBV gave you a bakery bag to put it in. VCS did that when I bought a loaf and I like that extra touch. Enjoy your beauty!

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yeah I thought it was pretty neat they included a bakery bag too!
      The times he has bought wax, he has done a pretty good job so I can be pretty proud of him for that. Either way is sweet even if it’s just him handing you his card and him offering to buy you wax in my opinion! Just shows that they care about our hobby/obsession. So that’s always a plus!


  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Oh, what a precious little cake! Can’t blame you for hesitating before the big chop, but we’ve got to use these things eventually, right? I got a decorated sheet cake from Sniff My Tarts a little while ago, and its my prettiest bit of wax – having a hard time coming to grips with its demise! Or at least the demise of its gorgeousness. 🙂

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