Easter Basket Goodies and Easter Traditions


🐰Happy Easter! 🐰

I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put together a little something for my nephew especially while he is still young and appreciates the little things in life.  While it is still spring and summer is fast approaching I figured chalk was a must. When the bug catcher caught my eye, in the cart it went. What little boy doesn’t like to explore and learn more about bugs?


A holiday tradition I’ll always remember as a child is on the day of the towns egg hunt there would also be a Best Decorated Easter bonnet (after a few years it changed to baskets) contest where you would bring your best decorated/bedazzled/hot-glued-to-the-nines bonnets and it would be judged by a panel to see who would win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. So that left two chances for prizes that day including the child with the most eggs at the end of the hunt or the one who found the mystery egg. Prizes for the hunt usually included filled, pre-made baskets and huge chocolate bunnies while the bonnets and baskets contest prizes were gift certificates from around town and small cash prizes. Ooo-La-La.

My favorite bonnet that I can still remember is the smallest of hats that had a thin, wicker-straw type texture and was painted white. It was designed to sit angled to the side of the head and tie underneath the chin to guarantee if worn it would cause discomfort so lucky we do not wear these.

Now take a moment to picture the miniature wooden ornaments you would find at a Christmas tree shop or any craft store that usually have the tiniest loop of silver or gold thread attached to them that you would then proceed to hang on your tiny tree. Got it? Now picture about a dozen of those wooden, colorful eggs dangling around the rim of this bonnet so that they would hang off the sides and sort of blow in the wind. Than if my memory serves me correctly there were ribbons and bows than a few of the eggs were removed from their strings and placed directly on the hat.  Oddly enough it looked cute and I believe we may have placed that year.


Egg hunts are usually a must with our family with all the smaller children we have at family gatherings. Speaking of hunts, an idea that we did at my Grandma’s this past year at Thanksgiving was hunting for turkeys. She had hid several print-outs of different turkey cartoons in her front and back yard and our mission was to go and ‘hunt’ all of the turkeys before dinner. Fun with the family and doesn’t cost anything.



I hope you all have a Happy Easter! Remember the real reason why we celebrate this holiday.  GOD IS GREAT.


 Does your family have any traditions? I’d love to hear them! Let me know about your Easter fun.


4 thoughts on “Easter Basket Goodies and Easter Traditions

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Your Easter basket is super cute. 🙂 When I was a kid, we used to travel over the Easter long weekend – Pennsylvania, Washington usually. I’ll always remember the years the Easter Bunny “found” us in our hotel and laid eggs all over the room; beside the coffee pot, on the top of the A/C unit, along the headboard. It was super cute. 🙂 Happiest of Easters to you.

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  2. Julie Johnson says:

    How sweet! I bet he loved his basket! My girls are big bug catchers. I kinda enjoy it too. I love how cute your bonnet sounded. I can picture it perfectly! We don’t really do the Easter bunny in our house, but we do give baskets and the girls do the Resurrection eggs and read each other the story of the Resurrection using props. And we go to church, usually visit family, hunt eggs in the yard and we hide cascarones, which are real egg shells that are cleaned out and filled with confetti that gets smashed on each others’ heads. Loads of fun and loads of mess LOL! Hope your Easter was lovely.

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