Play-Doh? Soap? It’s both! 

These little guys retail at Walmart for $2.78 for the pack or you can get them in the larger Play-Doh containers for about $5 bucks. I ran across these while on the hunt for small odds and ends for my nephews Easter basket. These were too cute to boot.

I do enjoy Lush Cosmetics Fun from time to time and wondered how these would compare. Obviously it wouldn’t be the exact same but for accessbility in store and price, I was willing to try. 

In this fun pack you get five 0.85 oz containers of bath soap; Samples if you will. Colors included are red, magenta, lime green, orange and blue. 

Surprisingly enough these have a pleasant smell. Though I actually like the salty, familiar aroma of Play-Doh, a fruity gum scent is more appealing to rub on your skin than salty dough. 
I would have thought they would have made each color a different scent but maybe to be more gentle with kids noses with figuring they would blend them all together they decided against it? 

A+ for easy molding just like the normal Doh. No crumble after several times of re-moding like you would get with Lush Fun after playing it with it a few times. 

Sudsy Green Suds. All in all it lathers pretty well. I’ve only tested these as hand soaps for the time being.

The verdict? I don’t think it’s exactly like Lush’s Fun by it missing the gorgeous smells, all natural ingredients and maybe a little more suds but if wanting to add something to a present or treat yourself to a little bathtub craft time without the wait of shipping this is a product to keep in mind. 


4 thoughts on “Play-Doh? Soap? It’s both! 

  1. jaybird says:

    You always find interesting stuff. The first time I saw an IG account dedicated to Lush Fun I was so confused till I looked the product up. Guess there are a lot of adults that like to play in their bathtubs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yeah I follow one of those accounts because I just love how creative she gets with something as simple as moldable soap. She even molded up Harry Potter shapes. I’m all about anything fun, creative and crafty even if that’s in the shower/ bath though I mostly just take showers now days. Lush was my first addiction before wax.

      They have accounts and a follower base for just about anything now days, even pens but I assume they probably think the same about us waxies.


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