Chopping Block: Sniff My Tarts Aveda Rosemary Mint Type

A waxy friend shared this melt with me in an ROAK not too awful long ago and I thought with my recent state of sickness and only minty, medicinal melts seeming to be the only things I can melt, I figured it was finally time to cut into this.

Aveda Rosemary Mint Type-A lovely version of this popular TYPE. More herbaceous in nature than Rosemary Mint”

I agree that this rosemary mint is definitely more herbal than what I am use to. It was still a nice change up from when I was switching back and forth between this and peppermint essential oil. It also blended nicely when diffusing my rosemary essential oil.

One cube/chunk threw strong in my Glade warmer for about 2 hours before I went nose blind to it completely which isn’t saying that this melt wasn’t still throwing, it could have very well been my stuffy nose.  All in all I was very happy to have this melt this weekend to wind down to.

Until Next Melt,


4 thoughts on “Chopping Block: Sniff My Tarts Aveda Rosemary Mint Type

  1. jaybird says:

    Wow lucky lady! An SMT sugar skull is the holy grail of wax for me currently. I hope they’re offered again later this year.
    I also hope to get a chunky pie of Rosemary Mint, Barbershop, Pink Sugar in my customs.
    Hope this week brings better health, take care buddy.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Hmm that’s an interesting blend, I wouldn’t have thought of blending those together. Do you think hey Barbershop will smell like shaving cream or will it have more of a talcum powder note to it? Yes I like the shapes of these huge skulls, it would be nice to have another one!


  2. Julie Johnson says:

    Glad you liked it! I love the skully shapes too. They were nice and big. Hoping they do that type of sampler again in the future. Next time I will be better prepared. 🙂 I hear it will be closer to May for their opening which is fine by me. I need to save.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yess they were a very nice size piece of wax not to mention perfectly spoopy for fall so i hope she does bring them back out! I’ll try to be prepared than! Thanks for the heads up! I’m still unsure of what pieces to be looking for like if no fuss chunks or cookies or loafs ect. It’s all so new I’ll probably just have to jump right in if I do order!


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