Warmed Thoughts Per You The Readers Request and More!

Warmed Review:


Sams Shire- Super Tarts

“Fresh Cut Grass, Watermelon and Rock Candy”

This melt makes me think of my dad in the summer when he would come in from mowing and my mom would be picking blades of grass out of his hair while he came in for a drink of water. I am not sure you can get a more grassier aroma than this. It is very stout, almost pungent on cold but once warmed the sweetness of the watermelon rock candy melts down into a pool of sweet sugar syrup that changes the note into a sweet grass you’ll want to host your picnics on. You’ll be singing “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” in no time after having this melt in your house. 2 cubes of this bam threw for up to 6 hours in my living room.


Nightmare Before Christmas- Super Tarts

“Herbal Lavender, Sweet Candy Canes and Fluffy Cotton Candy”

As spoopy and as full of magic as it sounds, this truly is a one of a kind blend. Not one scent over powers the other but instead each note can be equally picked out on cold and warmed alike. Though I am very surprised with how strong the cotton candy shines through as usually cotton candy is used as a blender to sweeten.  The peppermint in this reminds me more of a soft butter mint candy than an actual strong minty scent.  I thought I would only prefer Brandy’s sweet lavender but after melting through a few of her herbal lavender blends such as this one, I’ve grown fond of both!  All in all this is an A+ fragrance that I have already repurchased and would highly recommend.


Pink Boxers- Wilma’s Handmade

Pink sugar with fresh, clean linens.”

Sweet momma that’s good! Hang on to your socks (or shall I say boxers?) with this one because it is a thrower for sure! Light, cotton linens with the sweetest of pink sugar.  Not only is this a good melt for a day of cleaning but also I’ve found it to be the perfect melt for nighttime melting. Note: Also try this blended with a little lavender and off to dreamland with you!


Carrot Cake- The Bathing Garden

“Moist carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting. The best carrot cake I have found”

Looks can be deceiving as it appears that I melted both chunks of this beauty but fear not. I still have the incredibly cute chunk that holds the carrot charm. This was given to me by friend. Spicy vanilla bakery with peaks of cream cheese frosting mounding the top. One cube threw STRONG in my bedroom for several hours before I changed it out for a night time scent. Not one I’d purchase but a very nice change up from my normal melting.

My melting has been pretty good recently. Very strong throwers for sure and haven’t really had any duds as of late.
Until Next Melt, 




5 thoughts on “Warmed Thoughts Per You The Readers Request and More!

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    I love that song! The O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack is amazing. I love it. I liked Sam’s Shire too, it is a great summer scent. I will have to keep my eye out for Nightmare Before Christmas in a month or so when I am ready to place another ST order. I need to melt some of my goodies first. Make room. Glad the carrot cake one melted good for you. It was a nice thrower. I liked it well enough but probably not one I would buy again either. Though I could see bakery fans liking it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yes I agree on the O Brother Where Art Thou too. That’s like one of my dad’s favorite movies lol.
      Yes it melted very well, I’m actually glad I took to only melting one cube or it would have surely thrown me out of my bedroom with its powerful throw! I’ll keep the other cube for when I’m craving a heavy bakery. Thanks again for letting me try it! Yes definitely give NBC a try!


  2. jaybird says:

    Yay for no melting duds! I’ve had great throwers too, hmm seems like the grassiness of Sam’s overpower’s the other notes? I wonder if vanilla or pink sugar added in could tone him down? O Brother Where Art Thou’s soundtrack reference:)) that music is so inspiring to me.
    NBC sounds worth a good shot. Now let’s talk Wima’s, was this a trade or purchase? I’m noting and saving scent names to order in the future (post wax ban) and this is one. Good to hear it performed well, I’ve been reading others opinions of not being happy with Wilma’s, but I like that you can add/subtract the amount of cubes. Have a good day, buddy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Once warmed, Sam’s sire calms down and becomes more of a sweet scent but I’m sending you two cubes to try to see what you think. Definitely try NBC.
      Okay on Wilma’s, I am currently waiting on my second order to arrive to post my haul so that I can post them together but as for not preforming well this Pink Boxers threw great for me. Of course I didn’t touch it until maybe two, 3 weeks after I recieved it so maybe that helped? I didn’t do it on purpose it just worked out that way. Everyone I’ve spoke to about Wilmas has just raved on and on about her stuff about how strong it is and how they will keep buying from her. From my personal experience, I’ve melted maybe three scents from her and they have all been strong throwers but we will see as I continue to melt.


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