Blank Label Mystery Box Un-Boxing! Cold Sniff Review

Blank Label Mystery Box Un-Boxing! Cold Sniff Review


Being a person who enjoys a good mystery whether it be in the form of a novel, show or movie I still have never been one to take leaps and strides to purchase mystery boxes of any kind..well because of the mystery! Sure there is a form of excitement when getting something at total surprise but knowing how things usually work out for me, everything in the box would be everything I hated. With this box for example, my fear would be an end result of a box full of patchouli, honey, sugar milk nightmares! Bleh!

Bravery stuck out in me the day I ordered this box as it was unlike me to go out on a limb and try a full box of wax from a vendor I’ve hardly melted from let alone not know what scents I would enjoy of theirs on top of not knowing the scents I would receive. So I have anxiously awaited this package, excited for its arrival. Who doesn’t at least get a little excited when they hear they have 30 oz of wax heading their way?!

A little about this box is that it retailed for $35 + shipping. Shipping was about $9 and change. The wax would include a mix of left over scents, test blends and upcoming scents that would either be in a mix of 4 packs, shapes, scent shots or bakery bags.


Let us dive right in and see what was in the box shall we?  These were all poured in early April so I will be letting them cure for a awhile. 

4 packs:

Zero- Boo Berry Cotton Candy Frosted Cakes (Grey)

Boo Berry being the strongest, dominate note in this melt leaves the other notes unnoticed on cold. Usually I find that anything blended with BB, the rest of the notes gets completely lost or have to struggle to be noticed in the blend. We will see how this does once warmed but I am excited to give this a try come fall as that is usually when I crave BB most.

Unamers- Lemon Poppy seed Zucchini Bread (Yellow)

I have to admit when I saw zucchini in the name, my nose instantly scrunched. Though upon smelling it I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t the overbearing, in your face zucchini bread that I am used to. It’s light and creamy adding to the zesty lemon poppy.  I’ve only ever liked zucchini by one other vendor so this might be an exception to my no zucchini bread melting.

Unamers-Mango Marshmallow Milk (Orange)

Not my favorite on cold. Maybe it’s the milk? Maybe it’s the wang of the mango? I won’t tell you what this oddly smelled like to me on first initial sniff because I am sharing a piece of this with a friend and wouldn’t want to ruin it for her. I had my husband smell it and he said it smelled nothing like what I said so it must just be me. We’re in the clear. (Side note: I am not one for milk/sugar milk blends) I forced myself to investigate this further and found that it smelled of a kind of light baby formula/milky scent with a hint of mango.

Unamers- Coconut Citrus Pomegranate Sorbet (Blue)

Heavy on the coconut followed by a tartness of the citrus which I assume by the smell is a lemon lime is all I pick up on cold.

Large Shapes:

Unamers- Cherry Watermelon Candy Slushie  (x2)

These are supposed to be the same yet one smells better than the other. They also look different and if you see the one on the right is a bigger heart entirety. The one on the right fits the scent description perfectly and has more of an effervescence cherry slush note while the one on the left leaves me confused wondering if it truly is the same just lighter in scent? Do I hear a battle of the melts?

Scent Shots:

Fruit Mystery #1

Wowza. Ring-a-ding-ding! This is so fresh and fruity!! Of course I would love to re-order this one..but MYSTERY! 🙂

Moana of Motunui: Passion Fruit, Guava, Pink Mimosa Flowers, Tropical Fruit and More.

If I close my eyes it’s like I’m  sipping a fruity drink on the beach. Mouth watering guava and tropical fruits makes this the perfect summer melt.


Your Mother And Mine- Buttery Vanilla, Lush Blackberry and Bright Lemon. 

This reminds me of a blackberry vanilla fudge my grandma has made in the past. Rich, thick and creamy like a fudge would be without the cocoa note instead replaced by a heavy whipping cream vanilla and as mentioned above, Lush, fresh blackberry. So good, so so good. Can not wait to melt this.

All in all I was impressed with my options in melts. No patchouli so A+!! The shapes are gorgeous, colors are very vibrant and never hurts to have that added glitter.  My only complaint is that some of the labels were hard to read since they didn’t appear to print entirely or smudged off but as for the wax I am excited to give it a go once they have time to sit possibly a few weeks to a month.

Please let me know if there are any scents above that you would like a further review on, I would be happy to go more in depth.

As Always, Until Next Melt


4 thoughts on “Blank Label Mystery Box Un-Boxing! Cold Sniff Review

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Ooh, such pretty colours. And I think you are bang on correct in your assessment of sugar milk scents – baby formula! That’s totally it. Or, like, meal replacement shakes in powder form. That’s…not very attractive! I share your aversion.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Soo glad I have found someone else who despises sugar milk blends! Milk scents in general. They are just repulsive in my book. Though I maybe could turn a blind eye to this mango marshmallow milk.. maybe just maybe if the mango and marshmallow power through on warm yet I have a feeling we are just going to get warm formula.


  2. Julie Johnson says:

    Chiming in with “ME THREE” I hate milk/sugar milk blends. They are too sour for my nose… like curdled milk. I am interested to hear overall if you get good throw form Blank Label. I had some of their body care sent to me that I won in a giveaway but after a blow out between the mom (who ran the body care) and the daughter (who runs the wax) I didn’t want to touch it. Plus it was all in scents I am not a fan of… so the review would have been biased from the get go. So I decided not to do it. I have not tried the wax. The shapes are cute though. Hoping it does well for you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Welcome to the hate sugar milk fan club! I have heard mixed reviews on the throw with this vendors wax. Some rave about it while others say they can never get a good throw. Since this was just poured in April I’m going to let them sit awhile to give it a fair chance.
      I don’t know much about this vendor so I didn’t know that she even offered body care in the past but I hate that you won a box of goodies that you didn’t like. After a little curing I will try to do a warmed review on some of the scents.


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