Super Tarts Haulage 

Ahh yes, more Super Tarts because I am hooked, what more can I say? From the creative, geekdom inspired packaging from the awesome swirls or imprints on each clam to the strong performance. This last order I got in I had two favorites that I enjoyed so much on cold I went back in and placed another order that you will see below. Also it was the afternoon after my E.R. visit so.. retail therapy we will call it?😎 
First order

Left to Right-

Star Lord: “Shaving Cream, Cream Soda and Lingonberry Jam. ”

The Collector: “Blue Sugar and Sweet Peppermint Cream” 

Hades: “Fireside & Blue Sugar “

Nightmare Before Christmas: “Herbal Lavender Sweet Candy Canes and Fluffy Cotton Candy”

Bottom Role-

Christmas Story: “Hot Orange Danish, Flaky Pie Crust, Sweet Cream and Spicy Cinnamon Sticks. “

Casper: “Toasted Marshmallow, VBN, Cornbread and Mexican Fried Ice Cream. ”

Mr. Freeze: “Eucalyptus and Peppermint”

Second Order-


Slythrin: Honeydew Melon, BlackBerry and White Tea.”

The Collector: “Blue Sugar and Sweet Peppermint Cream “

Grey’s Anatomy: “Sbux Coffee, Vanilla Ice Cream and Creamy Peacan Pie”

Tonks: “Magically Delicious, Raspberry and Pink Sugar “

Sample in Predator

Snape: “Magically Delicious, Warm Sugar Cookies Dusted With Sweet Cinnamon Sugar.”

Minerva: “Pink Sugar & Laundry”

Christmas Story: “Hot Orange Danish, Flaky Pie Crust, Sweet Cream and Spicy Cinnamon Sticks. “


White Walkers: “Spearmint, Peppermint, Fresh Mint Leaf and VBN.”

Twisted Peppermint for blending! Very minty fresh with a hint of vanilla. 

Two halfs of vampire teeth that don’t go together and a weird part of a bone shape. The rest are cute!

My favorites on cold from these orders are White Walkers, Minerva, The Collector, Mr. Freeze & The Christmas Story. 
Please let me know if there are any you would like me to review and I would be happy to do so! 

Until Next Melt, 


4 thoughts on “Super Tarts Haulage 

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Oooooo weeeee! Nice orders!!! I am drooling over so many! I think I will have to spring for The Christmas Story next. Especially since we got to visit the house last summer. Maybe it will bring back that to mind as I melt it. I really need to pick up more Collector and Hades (and Merlin- already melted him). Gosh darn that Super Tarts. SO many great blends. Maybe I will gtreat myself for Mother’s Day. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Ahh there you go! Treat yourself for being a mom!! I think you will really like Christmas Story, its really comforting in my opinion.
      Why on earth did I wait this long to try it. I was a little hesitant with the orange danish but it works beautifully in this blend! This will definitely have to be repurchased for Christmas to have melting while we do our yearly watching of it!
      Heck I will want this around year around. So jealous you got to see the house, how neat!!


  2. jaybird says:

    Intervention!!! Lol!
    I have Star Lord, very powerful. I like that it’s a different type of berry. I’ve also been to The Christmas Story House and it’s on my to try list, maybe the other notes tone down the cinnamon.
    Would you let us know how Tonks is when you get to it? Would a not-crazy-about -cereal-scents person care for it? Do the current potion packs measure up to the first ones you got? I believe the shapes were larger anyway, I even got a pop tart shape in one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I will start with the potion packs: I was a little disappointed with how empty mine felt this time around, though I’m sure by the picture it seems like a lot of wax but when in the bag it just doesn’t seem full whatsoever nor nowhere near heavy enough. I didn’t weigh it but the pieces are just rather small. Lucky on getting a poptart!! I’ve always wanted to get the cuter shapes but always end up with the ugly skulls and boring hearts. I want to say this is only my 2nd or 3rd potion pack.
      I am interested in melting Star Lord and seeing what this lingonberry is all about but it does smell good on cold.
      Again, soo lucky about getting to see the Christmas Story House!! Yes, it does tone down the cinnamon.
      On Tonks, I will have to sit and smell it again, as broken as it was, I didn’t smell it too much in fear of getting shards of wax up my nose but what I did smell it didn’t have that strong in your face cereal smell if I remembered it correctly.

      Liked by 1 person

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