Diamond Ring Candle- Miami Beach 

Brand/Vendor: Diamond Ring Candle

Product: 21 oz. One Wick Candle 

Price: $24.99 (Clearance run around 19.99)

Scent: Miami Beach


“Miami, Miami, you’ve got style. Blue sky, sunshine, white sand by the mile…”  If you get these lyrics.. we can be friends! 😉

Diamond Ring Candles uses a natural soy wax so they tend to get the soy ‘frost’ on the top. I thought it looked fitting for our beachy theme as it looked like waves rolling through the water or a sky view of a sandy island.

If you are unfamiliar with the Diamond Ring Candle this company includes a ring inside each candle. If you find a winning ring/code you get the chance to customize a ring worth up to $5,000. Even if your ring isn’t a winner never fear, you still have your candle and a fun ring to add to your jewelry box!

I had a bit of tunneling issues at the beginning but after burning a few hours it resolved itself burning bright with a strong flame and even wax pool across the top. Though I got through the tunneling issue, sadly this candle just didn’t throw well for me. Out of the candles that I’ve burned from this brand, this is the first one that was this light and has given me any trouble.

Entering the room between doing chores this weekend I could pick up on the slightest tropical notes with the coconut being the strongest I assume as I could barely smell it and was unable to find scent notes. Sadly I may have to throw this in my candle warmer to see if I can get a better throw if I don’t decide to go ahead and continue burning it to finish it.


Ring reveal:


On the side of the candle there is a gold marker/sticker that indicates approximately where the ring will be in the candle. Once you burn down to that area or your wax pools out, that’s when you will see the foil of the ring appear and are than able to scoop it out. The ring is protected by a layer of foil and then zipped in a baggie that includes your reveal.

As you can see above I didn’t win but it’s still a cute ring.


Have you burned any candles lately? Have you ever burned any from this brand? Let me know!
Until Next Burn,


6 thoughts on “Diamond Ring Candle- Miami Beach 

  1. amandac99 says:

    I love Diamond Candles! My hubby got me some for Christmas a couple years ago and I enjoyed them. Pumpkin Cupcake had especially good throw for me. It was fun impatiently awaiting the candle to burn down enough to fish out the ring. I wasn’t a big winner either but the rings were pretty. I liked the added element of an extra surprise to look forward to. I had a similar experience with a little tunneling at the beginning but it ultimately didn’t affect the performance.
    Sorry about the light throw on this one. Thanks for reviewing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yes! They are just fun all around! I also really just enjoy the packaging and jars too. I have been nothing but impressed by the performance from the 3 I have burned in the past from this brand so I am not sure what went wrong with this one unless I just got a dud or it was just a weak scent.
      I have several awaiting in my closet to be burned so expect to see more from this brand!
      Thank you for reading!


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