Body Care- Gollum

“So bright… so beautiful… ah, Precious.”- Gollum

“Smeagol..Smeagol..GOLLUM!”- Gollum

First time dipping my toes into the water of Super Tarts body care, I decided on a scrub. Afraid of abrassive scrubs with my skin, I went for a sugar scrub hoping for the best but also for the purpose of if I used it for shaving it would be the lesser of the two evils of not putting salt on an open wound. 

There were 4 or 5 scent options available to choose from with the RTS options but Gollum, ( The Omen- (Ocean breezes, Vanilla Bean Noel and Red Delicious Apple) and Blackberries) sounded the best as summer approaches and The Omen was one I had previously had in wax form being as fresh and strong as ever. 

“He wants the Precious. Always he is looking for it. And the Precious is wanting to go back to him… But we mustn’t let him have it. ” Gollum

While in the jar, it’s hard to detect any fragrance other than the scrub formula smell with the slightest blackberry note. 

 Once on the skin, I was able to smell The Omen and blackberries more clearly. It has the texture of cool whip with fine granulated sugar crystals to form the most non-abrasive scrub I’ve ever used so far. At times I felt like I was using more of a whipped soap than a scrub but than I get to the end of the creaminess to find the small bits of gritty sugar. I like it and could get away with using this daily or inbetween days of using a more abrasive scrub. If you need more scrubbiness maybe try the salt scrub option. 
 Though the scent didn’t linger on my skin after my shower, I did notice my skin to be incredibly soft and smooth with no agitation or redness. 
Have you tried any new body care recently? Any from ST? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Body Care- Gollum

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I’m sorry, I’m snickering at the thought of Gollum being a mascot for skin care ANYTHING! Not exactly known for his gorgeous epidermis, you know? Although with all the cave-dwelling, it’s not like he gets out into the damaging effects of the sun much, so who knows, maybe he’s on to something the rest of us aren’t? ūüėČ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. themeltdownblog says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Gollum though the hideous beast he became he was once an ole hobbit that just came corrupt by the ring and went loony being all alone in that cave.
    BUTTTTTT that is hilarious because I didn’t think of it that way.. yeah he is probably the worst to try to sell any kind of skin /body care product.
    “Smeagol.. thinks master should try this new product!…It has worked wonders for Smeagol’s skin!”


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