Sniff My Tarts- RTS Haul 

I’ve been eyeing Sniff My Tart’s website for awhile now trying to catch some of their RTS product. Usually when I get on the site there is just one or two items that I would want at the time.

One afternoon last week I just so happened to jump on when some product had been uploaded. Surprised by how many of the scent blends actually called out to me, I loaded up my cart and quickly checked out with my first order. I had hoped that this order would keep me away from the customs that opened this weekend.

Vanilla Bean Noel Type:

Creamy, delicious, sweet, bakery, vanilla goodness! Rich and decadent that will be perfect for blending.

Pink Sugar Type/ Gain Laundry Type

Classic pink sugar type, super sweet and sugary blended with the cleanliness of Gain Laundry.

Sweet Lavender/Cotton Candy Frosting/Flannel Sheets

Cotton Candy frosting madness! Sweet sweet! Light linen notes linger with the sweet lavender creating a beautiful melt.

Sweet Lavender/Rosemary Mint/Spearmint/ Eucalyptus

Explosion of all the different scents yet you can take the time to pick out each one. The tingly, bright, mintiness peaks from the spearmint and rosemary mint while the eucalyptus freshens up everything. Sweet lavender mellows it all out to allow this to come into play as a fresh, minty bedtime melt.

(Note: So many lavender buds! I wish I could have requested these to not be on my melts)

Random Shapes:

Coconut Marshmallow Noel

If you’ve ever smelled RG Peppermint Coconut Marshmallow, this smells exactly like the creamy, sticky marshmallow and warm coconut. So mouth wateringly good. I can’t wait to blend this with some peppermint to see how well it compares!

(Happy to report it is a close dupe with the correct peppermint!! Very yummy!!!😋😋)

Coffee Cake & Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon and sugar dominate sprinkled and baked into a pastry roll. Not picking up on much coffee if any at all on cold.

Sample in Lavender Baby Powder:

Talculm powder fresh and sweet lavender.

Did you place a custom order this weekend? What are some of your favorites offered from SMT?


11 thoughts on “Sniff My Tarts- RTS Haul 

  1. amandac99 says:

    Love SMT as they usually have creative blends with great throw! All the scents you chose sound wonderful and I love the size of the little blocks; perfect for popping in the warmer. Plus they’re so pretty.
    I haven’t had the pleasure of ordering from SMT directly yet. Their openings always seem to roll around when I can’t afford it. Even now I’m on a no buy saving up for two trips so I probably won’t be ordering wax again until October or later. I’ve gotten to try several SMT scents through swaps and destashes and their lavender marshmallow, pink peppermint swizzle stick, and rose jam blends really stood out to me.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Sounds exciting, two trips! Hope you have a blast! I would say that is worth being on a wax ban for sure.
      Yes I love their peppermint, pink sugar and marshmallow for sure but I haven’t tried much else so I’m excited to try more.


  2. jaybird says:

    What lucky timing, that’s incredible! Any time I’d check over the RTS, it was the same limited 3 scents. These all sound fab, I’m especially intrigued by the Gain blend and the Flannel sheets, how strong is that linen note? I didn’t get any laundry scents in customs but I did get plenty of lavender. I’m not caring for the look of the buds on top, either. But think I’ll mark a couple of these down for inspiration for my next custom. (Already thinking of it, though yesterday’s will take 3-6 months, it’s a sickness!)

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yeah the longer TAT is another reason why I sat this one out, I wouldn’t mind sitting out maybe the two months as I do have wax to melt but 6 months is really really long and I would probably just forget about it and knowing my luck have grown out of love with the scents I got the most of. I’m going to let these sit and cure awhile as I’ve heard some people complain about the throw on her wax but of what I have melted and the one piece I have melted from my order already, is throwing pretty well from my order.

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  3. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I love those little no-fuss chunks; I think they look like petit fours. 🙂 Excellent choices, and great choice, too – I’ve poked around SMT’s RTS (woah, acronyms) offerings a few times, but I must be just missing everything, because like you, every time I go, there’s, like, one or two items only. Coconut Marshmallow Noel sounds amazing, particularly if it’s close to Peppermint Coconut Mallow! I actually nabbed a sheet cake this weekend in Peppermint, Coconut Cream Pie and Marshmallow Fluff. SMT’s Coconut Cream Pie is very un-pie like (no major crust notes) and I’m hoping it will be a close match for Rosegirls’ PCM.

    Can’t speak to the RTS items, but I know in the customs offerings, you can indicate whether you’d like sprinkles and the like on your wax. I love the glittery stuff myself, but I get it if you don’t want a bunch of stuff floating in your wax. 🙂


    • themeltdownblog says:

      Oooo your sheet cake sounds wonderful!! You’ll have to let me know how that works out for you! I would love to know what other blends you came up with this restock!
      Yeah I was shocked myself to hop on there and see these blends on her RTS, I just had a hunch to hop on and there they were in all their glory.
      I don’t mind sprinkles, glitter, mica, ect but those lavender buds..😞 are a little much.
      I love the little chunks myself! Though I was a little suprised because I thought they would be a little bigger but in the long run they are perfect for your warmer.


  4. Julie Johnson says:

    What a fabulous RTS haul!!! I love so many of these scents. I am still such a sucker for Vanilla Bean Noel after all these years. Plus I adore SMT lavender blends. I don’t think the coffee cake is supposed to have a coffee note in it. It is more like a cinnamon cake. Hoping these all perform well for you. ❤

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      I am very happy with everything I ordered, it all smells incredible.
      Yes! I am a newbie to liking VBN but it has quickly become a favorite and I want to blend it in everything as it just makes everything so creamy.
      OH! Thank you for letting me know about the coffee cake, it smells good either way. Oddly enough, my nose has started to open up to coffee scents too so I wouldn’t have been mad if it wanted to have a little of it in there.


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