Wax Of The Past- May Empties


*Scents I would recommend and repurchase*

Green Grass-Yankee Candle

Vanilla Custard Filled Gingerbread– CFTKR

Imagene’s Serendipity Cream Pie/ Process of Monaco/ Vanilla Smoothie– Vintage Chic Scents *

An Affair To Remember/Vaudeville/ Over The Rainbow– Vintage Chic Scents *

A Thousand Times Goodnight 3 Pack– Vintage Chic Scents *

Lucy In The Sky With Cookies– Vintage Chic Scents 

Sweeny’s Barber Shop 3 Pack– Vintage Chic Scents *

Aroma Blizzard 4 Pack – Rainbow Melts 

Pink Boxers 2 oz- Wilma Handmade *

Pink Sugar 4 pack– Front Porch Candles

Get Naked 3 Pack- Tiffany Candles 

Candy Cane 3 Pack- Tiffany Candles*

Bora Bora and Passion Fruit– Rose Girls

Peppermint Coconut Mallow Sample– Rose Girls *

Sleepy Beauty Sample– Super Tarts *

Predator Sample – Super Tarts*

Sindar Elf Sample– Super Tarts*

Fruity Pebbles/VBN/Nectarine– L3 Waxy Wonders 

Bliss Sample- LSC *

Life Is A Circus Sample– The Bathing Garden 

Pink Peppermint Sample– Sniff My Tarts*

Scent Shots & Scoopables

Applecadabra– Sassy Girl Aroma

Marshmallow Milkshake– Tiffany Candles

Pink Panties– Tiffany Candles *


Hades– Super Tarts*

Emma Frost– Super Tarts*

Ronan– Super Tarts

Darth– Super Tarts*

Off With Her Head– Super Tarts

Wonderland– Super Tarts

Nightmare Before Christmas– Super Tarts*

Briarcliff– Super Tarts*

Harry– Super Tarts

Rory– Super Tarts

Rosemary’s Baby– Super Tarts

Beauty & The Beast– Super Tarts*

Just Breathe- Super Tarts *

Violet Cocktail– Scentsationals 

Strawberry Patch- Better Homes and Gardens *

Sugared Melon Kiwi- Better Homes and Gardens *


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