Challenge: Wax cocktail,  Drink Theme. 

This week I challenged myself to a mini challenge which I have decided to do periodically to bring myself out of my comfort zone and just have fun so that in the end it will open my nose/mind to bigger and better things.

This week I wanted to force myself to use a scent I hated and incorporate it into something I could possibly like or at least tolerate. The theme for this weeks blend will be a drink. The two scents that first come to mind for this project is sugar milk and patchouli. Though to really challenge myself I chose the patchouli. Ahh!! If you’ve followed  me for any length of time you know how I feel about this scent.. I think it stems from Lush’s Lord of Misrule and I just haven’t liked it since.

 I was inspired after I had read about a few cocktails that were created with patchouli syrup. I figured patchouli being zen and earthy might pop with some added fizz and fresh fruit. Below is what I came up with. I wanted to choose the ‘ingredients’ so that if the blend sounded interesting and you wanted to give it a try that you should be able to go out and get the needed pieces at your local stores home fragrance isle.


Sparkling Patchouli Melon Kiwi Quencher Wax Cocktail


Patchouli: Tuscany Candles (Kroger)

Sugared Melon Kiwi: Better Homes & Gardens (Wal-Mart) (had on hand)

Sparkling Herbs: Oak & Rye (Kroger)

To create your fancy wax cocktail, Add all ingredients to your cocktail shaker. Shake to chill and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a kiwi wheel and Ta-da! You have yourself a Sparkling Patchouli Melon Kiwi Quencher.

This blend totally works and I can handle the patchouli mixed with the sparkling herbs and fruits. Not too shappy.  Crisp notes of freshly picked herbs and a splash of sparkling water adds the perfect touch to the edgy, sharp patchouli and juicy melon. Threw strong for 5 hours before I switched it out for a bakery melt. I have really been craving cake recently.. 

Note: Do Not Consume Wax. 

I am also challenging a friend this week for this fun little challenge so the one under fire this week is Amanda @ and whoever else would like to take on the fun challenge! 

Let’s see those wax cocktails. Remember to use a scent you dislike to keep it a challenge! 

Until Next Melt, 


6 thoughts on “Challenge: Wax cocktail,  Drink Theme. 

  1. amandac99 says:

    How fun and what a great idea! I’m glad you ended up enjoying your cocktail. It wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if it ended up smelling like toxic sludge, lol! I see I have been called out so I will do my best to come up with something in the next few days. 🙂

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  2. jaybird says:

    Cool idea! I’m not too sure about that combo, then again for me it would be the opposite. I’d add the patchouli to the disliked kiwi melon, lol!
    It’s strange how much I Love sugar milk but not bakery? We are opposite on so much I’m glad we have some scent common ground. I typically add vanilla to a scent I don’t like, vanilla makes everything better! Have fun with the challenges😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Julie Johnson says:

    This is the cutest thing ever!!! I love your shot of the cubes in the tumbler. So cool! And this does sound like a nice blend. I need to be more creative like you and try blending my not so favorite scents with other ones to see if I can turn them around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Well thank you, that means a lot coming from you! The idea just hit me to put the “cocktail” on ice so I thought it would be cute!! I would love to see what you come up with some of your not so loved scents, I’m sure you could blend up something interesting!


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