Super Tarts # I’ve Completely Lost Count


I’ve contemplated even sharing these hauls anymore as my friend Jay is threatening to call an intervention on me soon (haha!) and apparently I enable too many people. It’s a problem I know! If you follow me on Instagram you also know that I “slipped” (there’s that word again) and made a small bam bag order as well that will be here in 4-6 weeks. ST wax preforms amazing for me, the packaging feeds my inner geek and Brandi’s blends somehow in all their craziness just work! Not to mention their reasonable shipping and extra care they take in packaging. 

Usually shipping is rather fast when placing an RTS order but with this clamshell order, I was beginning to think my order may have gotten lost in the shuffle. It finally arrived and boy am I thrilled with everything..thrilled enough I had to go back in for backups of a few scents.. DON’T JUDGE.. FRIENDS DON’T JUDGE!! 🙂



Zelena-Green apple, coconut and baby magic type”

Gifted a small piece from a swap several months back, I remembered how relaxing it was that I had used it as a bedtime melt. Slowly coming to grips that my nose is a fan of coconut blends, mainly creamy coconut.



Emma Frost (x2)- “Sparkling Gingerale, Vanilla Bean Noel and sugar crystals”

I absolutely love this one. This is a must try if you love ginger ale and/or fizzy scents. Perfect on its own or great for blending. This is the 4th or 5th time I have repurchased



Emily- “Rainbow Sherbert, Crisp Mac Apples and Chlorine”

The chlorine intrigued me ever since I first saw this one on the site. It has been sold out for awhile so once I saw it was restocked I pounced. Usually chlorine would be something you would stray away from, almost maybe headache inducing but this blend actually makes me think more of summer and nostalgic childhood memories of being around the pool eating popsicles.



Coven- Cola, Cake Batter, VBN & Zucchini Bread”

Before I even open the clam, My nose is already scrunched up in preparation for the zucchini. Cola syrup hits the nose strong with sweet surprise that is followed up by a the light spicy bread undertone. Not as bad as I feared.



Doomsday Plum, iced tea and lemon slices”

I’ve heard it rumored that this resembles my favorite, beloved London Calling candle from B&BW so I had to try it for myself. Why exactly haven’t I tried this sooner? It is such a close dupe on cold I immediately turned around and bought 2 more to have on hand this summer to enjoy.



Sindar Elf- “Blonde Moment & Spearmint”

A fragrance that had passed under my radar until I received it in a sample. Another reason why I love samples as they make you try scents you would never find yourself reaching for. Sweet gracious this is amazing.. What my nose hearts the most about this is the sweet cranberry and raspberry blend as it glides into the spearmint glaciers.




Laveau- Lavender Cream & Raw Sugar Crystal Buttercream”

This is mouth watering good. The buttercream blended with the lavender cream creates a rich, buttery cream that is out of this world fantastic. You’ll want to literally take a bite of it. The lavender cream is the same found in my sought after Tin Man from the Oz collection so I was very ecstatic to find a similar fragrance with an added sweetness. I bought three more clams of this. 



Middle Earth (x2) Rosemary, fresh mint and dirt”

How could I not snag up more of this once I saw that it was in stock? Back ups! My favorite note in this is the fresh mint leaf.

Have you ordered anything recently from Super Tarts? What are some of your favorites? 


Until Next Melt, 



2 thoughts on “Super Tarts # I’ve Completely Lost Count

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    LOVE! Keep them coming my friend! Thanks to you, I have gotten to try more ST than I have sampled in a good long while. That Blonde Moment/spearmint blend looks strangely good. I love how adventurous you are when buying blends. If I see one note in there I don’t like, I pass hard. I need to open up my wax world a little bit more. And YAY for Middle Earth! That is one I keep meaning to pick up. It sells out fast. Must have a huge following.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      If I had known you hadn’t tried Middle Earth I would have sent you some! Darn, next time!
      With ST I have been a lot more adventurous than I normally go because I have found that usually I’m surprised when I try out something new even if I think Its a scent I don’t like. Yes, I think you would like this blonde moment and Spearmint.
      Yay! I am so glad to hear there is enjoyment in my ST hauls. I was a little worried that there might be some annoyance or like, ugh another one, post something else lol! I like to post in case someone was thinking of purchasing that particular scent.


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