RG Flash Sale-What I Managed to Snag

RG Flash Sale-What I Managed to Snag

Eager fingers raced across the keyboard once I found out that Rose Girls was having a flash sale. Usually I am too late once I get to the website and everything is sold out. NOT THIS TIME! No, No!

Looking around me for angels singing when I clicked on lot #4 that was offered to see that it included a ½ pie of the well sought after (well at least by me) Alice & Slumberland and that it was still available. ADD TO CART! Run to check out!

This is when I did a big dance for finally breaking down and buying a pie/snagging a pie. Then a few days later, I got the news… My flash sale had oversold…heart shattered.

But Jenny offered the option to re-make the lot or to refund the full amount.  I was hesitant with worry in wondering if this was my second chance to get out of having a large portion of a scent I may not like as honeydew can sometimes rub me the wrong way. That feeling quickly faded and I decided to push forward as I already had my heart set on owning a pie. I was also excited about getting the chance to try the Fresh Cucumber and Pink Sugar that everyone had been raving about.


Alice & SlumberlandHoneydew, Cotton Candy & Lavender. 

Honest time here.  I am a little confused on why shipping is $10 and than in turn everything gets thrown into a PFRE and with no extra care of padding/packaging. My pre-order arrived the same way. My mailmen are usually very gruff with my packages so I have to worry about how things are packed. If they aren’t packed well most of my orders end up shattered or pounded to a pulp looking like it’s been through the wringer. (Yes, it all melts the same, I just prefer to have it look as neat as possible for better pictures for you lovelies).
For example there is a vendor that I can order from and everything fit well into a PFRE ($6.75) and they take the extra time to ensure that package is getting to you in the best care that they can manage (i.e. double envelope and bubble wrap). So I guess what I am getting at is that I wish with as much money as we put into ordering that in return the vendor make an effort to ensure the product goes out of their facility with care. NOTE: I understand that they can not help what the mailmen do, that is not what I am saying. 

Returning back to the positive, only one of my pie pieces was a bit shattered which gave me the perfect excuse to sample (FIND POSITIVES IN LIFE MY DEARS!) I have chopped up one slice for future melting but the rest of this gorgeous pie will be admired and kept safe off the ole chopping block for now.

Before any curing, it already has a very nice throw. It smells wonderfully of fresh, juicy honeydew and sweet, candied lavender. The cotton candy mellows out the crisp honeydew all the while blending together the lavender to sweet candy dreams. A nice change up for a bedtime melt than the normal pink sugar/lavender/peppermint blends I usually reach for.

The cucumber is watery, straight from the vine fresh. As I type this I sneak a sniff and it takes me to a scene of my mom standing in the kitchen chopping cucumbers that we would get fresh from my grandmas garden to make her cucumber salads. Not getting much of the pink sugar on cold as the cucumber in mine is very over powering. This will be an interesting one to melt.


 Sample: Raspberry Fluff Puffs 

My nose picks up a sweet, vanilla caramel blended with raspberries. I have had fluff puffs before though this one smells a bit sweeter and blends well with the raspberries.



Have you ordered anything recently with RG? What are some of your favorites? Let me know!


4 thoughts on “RG Flash Sale-What I Managed to Snag

  1. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Raspberry Sauce is my favourite RG scent – it pairs well with so much, and it’s nice and tart.

    At the risk of raising the ire of some of RG’s devotees, I concur with your gripe about the shipping thing. My stuff has a tendency to come a bit battered, shall we say? Which, yes, like you say, makes no difference when it comes to scent, but matters quite a bit when you’re trying to blog about this stuff, right? A little more care would be appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I am glad someone agrees. I will admit I was a little eerie on posting my thoughts on this topic at first with the possible backlash as you mention above with the die hard fans that is RG but it is my job to be honest how I feel about my opinions on my blog so I felt it necessary as much as it bothered me.
      I could go on and on about it but long story short, there is no reason to spend as much as we do on shipping (especially you girl!) to only get what we get but then from other vendors we pay half that and get over the top, above and beyond care and packaging with our order.


  2. Natalie says:

    YES! It’s irritating to pay for a service and not get it, you know? Like yeah, I’m going to melt it, but that doesn’t mean I want it to look like a beat up piece of garbage and have to scrape up pieces of it off the envelope, you know?

    Liked by 1 person

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