The Meltdown Challenge #2 Grass Cake?

Many of you seemed to really enjoy the mini challenge that I did a few weeks back so I decided to go on and do another one. This week with it being summer I thought it would be fun to incorporate something from the great outdoors (i.e. grass,wood,smoke,dirt) and put it into something you normally wouldn’t. My challenge this week is to create a cake blend that would include my choice of an outdoor element which I have decided would be grass.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had been craving cake for days so once I hit up the grocery store for some much needed house essentials, it was cake time! Looking through Wal-Mart’s selection of cake goodness is when these lovelies showed up. Blueberry iced cupcakes filled with a blueberry filling ? Yes please! This inspired me for my cake blend this week to try and recreate it in wax.



My grass ingredient will come from the known Sam’s Shire from Super Tarts: Fresh Cut Grass and Watermelon Rock Candy. Don’t let the rock candy fool you, the grass note is very astringent on cold and will be difficult to hide.
Vanilla Cookie Crunch– Better Homes & Gardens 

Blueberry- Tiffany Candles 

Marshmallow Puff– Wilma’s Handmade

Coconut Marshmallow Noel– Sniff My Tarts



Mmmhm! This actually makes me think of a blueberry cupcake! First off as this began melting it came off to the nose as more of a blueberry muffin type. After about 15-20 minutes of melting the marshmallow and coconut noel kicked in and helped transform this into more of a sweet, cakey note. The grass comes through as more of a bitterness that adds to the tartness of the blueberry so it somehow comes together and worked out well for this blend. It melted as a medium thrower in my bedroom warmer for several hours.


What about you, what would you choose to mix up with this challenge? 


This week I challenge my friend Avalon128 on Instagram to the challenge! She also has a YouTube Channel (Link in her biofeed!) where she does wax hauls and reviews of what she has been melting so check her out!

Anyone else who would like to do this challenge, I would love to see those wacky blends! Remember it can be any kind of cake blend you can think of! If you do, tag me in your post on Instagram in the comments so I can see (@themeltdown15)! 

Until Next Melt,


7 thoughts on “The Meltdown Challenge #2 Grass Cake?

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    What a cool blend!! And those cupcakes look insanely good. Do they taste as good as they look?? I think you did a great job with this blend. I bet the fruity blueberry and the vanillas go well with the grass.

    Hmmm… that would be a challenge for me to think up an unusual but workable blend with grass. Maybe coconut, grass and lemon? That sounds boring. Ummm…. grass, apple cider, fireside??

    I love how much fun you are having with your wax. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Grass apple cider fireside.. you have got to try that one out girl! You are already the blend master so this would just be too easy. You wait though, your day is coming 😉
      Yeessss the cupcakes were the bomb!! I like to eat cake cold so once I put them in the freezer.. they were even better! Thank you!!
      Really though, try out that grass apple cider fireside I’m curious now!!


  2. amandac99 says:

    Awesome! Such a cool and creative blend idea; I’m glad it really turned out to smell like delicious blueberry cupcakes! I’m loving grass in things right now too; I recently melted a watermelon, mac apple and grass scent from Pink Mermaid that was really good, and I just received a grass & yuzu tart from L3 that I’m excited about.
    I didn’t forget about your challenge to me and I’ve cooked up an interesting blend idea. It will be revealed on the 9th. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      That blend sounds great of the watermelon Mac apple! Though on the other, I don’t have too much experience with Yuzu other than in the lush bubble bar so I wouldn’t know if that would be one I would like lol but it sounds fresh!

      Oh great! I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!! I’ll be looking for it! Thanks for participating!


  3. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I don’t think that sounds weird at all! The watermelon part is actually the bit that’s weirding me out, not the grass (picky about my watermelon.) But I find that most blueberry scents, even if they’re labelled as muffin/cobbler/birthday cake or whatever still just kind of smell like flat out blueberries, so the grass part doesn’t sound incongruous at all! Nice blending job. 🙂

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