Vintage Road Candles Haul

One Sunday afternoon as me and the hubbie relaxed in bed watching the Dark Knight Rises, I was also Instagram serving and eager to make a wax order. If you are a true wax addict you will understand what I mean when you get that itch to place an order. The itch that won’t be tamed until it sees that confirmed order screen and even then sometimes only managed with one order if it is a mild case. That is when I ran across a gorgeous haul picture from a vendor by the name of Vintage Road Candles. After searching the site and seeing many blends that peeked my attention and just the most darling shapes, I started filling my cart with wax goodness!

The vendor was offering a 10% off your order of $25 so of course I couldn’t pass up a deal. Shipping was $7.20 shipped in a priority box.


Above is what I saw upon opening my box. Included under the tissue paper was instructions on how to care for your candles and the proper cure time for the wax. (NOTE:It is recommended to wait 2-4 weeks from the pour date.) Inside on the folded paper the instructions were printed on, was a hand written note from the vendor (Sarah) thanking you for your order and a business card.

It is the small details that I really appreciate, they do not go un-noticed!


So I am happy to share with you my first haul with this vendor. I do have to warn you that the wax is softer than most I have worked with so bare with me as some of it is smudged and battered in the pictures.

Strawberry Banana Sundae Bunties (pk of 6)

“Strawberry, Banana Cream Pie, & Vanilla Ice Cream Cake”

Vanilla ice cream and more of a banana pulled taffy than banana cream.


Peach Bellini Bundties (pk of 6)

“Peach Puree & Sparkling Wine”

Sparkling freah peach with the slightest boozy undertone. The peach is actually delightful and not chemically like most come off in wax. 


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Turtle Tart


Pink Eucalyptus Spearmint Noel-Puddle Pups Tart

“Pink Sugar type, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, and Vanilla Bean Noel”

 Rich, delectable VBN with the added sharpness of the Spearmint and calming Eucalyptus.

How cute is this little turtle?!


Rainbows & Lollipop- Puddle Pups Tart

“Pear, Kiwi, Green Grapes, Raspberry, Peach, and Sugary Lollipops.”

The dog above is hiding.. terrible picture I’m sorry!

 Fresh sugar rolled fruits. Raspberry and pear most dominate creating the perfect sweet puree.


Strawberry Lemonade Splash- Puddle Pups Tart

“Strawberry, Blackberry, Country Lemonade, and Sweet Citrus Punch”

 Sweet, tart and delicious. I don’t pick up much of the lemonade on cold so maybe on warm. This almost reminds me of a lip-smackers I used to own as a child.


When purchasing these I really didn’t think this through on how sad and almost a little morbid it would be to have to watch these little guys melt! First time melting it must have been the disruptive air flow from my ceiling fan and air conditioner combined because I just didn’t pick up anything. The next time I tried the other “half”.. dog’s hiney and legs, it threw like a champ! Sweet, sweet berry lemonade almost as if it were to be a pink lemonade with added fresh mixed fruit and a fun umbrella to top it all off!

Candyland (Peppermint Fluff) Puddle Pups Tart

“Cotton Candy, Peppermint, Toasted Marshmallow”

Soo good.. the peppermint is just how I like it. Not medicinal, not butter-minty, the perfect icy mint with the bonus added sweetness of the cotton candy and toasted marshmallow. Julie, I think you would like this one!



Frosted Coconut Vanilla- Puddle Pups Tart x2 

“Peppermint, Coconut, Vanilla Bean Noel”

If you like the RG Peppermint, Coconut Mallow, I would give this one a try. It isn’t exactly the same but it has a resemblance.



Birthday Party- Puddle Pups Tart

“Birthday Cake, Cotton Candy, Sugar Cookie”

 Smells as if you were making sugar cookies out of a Pillsbury vanilla cake mix. Not your traditional sugar cookie scent.


Sweet 16- Chunkies Tart 

“Strawberry/Bubble Gum base, Pink Sugar/Cotton Candy & Lavender middle chunks, Sugar Cookie/Birthday Cake top”

Sweet, pink, bubble gum tape powder, Cotton Candy lavender.

Samples that Sarah includes, Thank you Sarah!


Left to Right:

Lavender Tea & Berries: French Lavender & Honey BBW Type, White Tea and a light berry scent. 

If I ever order again, this one will go into my cart. Fresh brewed white tea and sticky sweet honey swirled with the perfect amount of French lavender


Strawberry Lemon Sherbet Cotton Candy Frosting: Strawberry, Iced Lemon Cookies, Rainbow Sherbet, Cotton Candy and Buttercream Frosting.


Very light on cold, I mostly pick up a sweet vanilla sugar with a hint of sherbet.

Yuzu Volcano Salty Sea BreezeMandarin, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Volcano Capri Blue Type and Salty Sea Air


Fresh, sea-side citrus with a touch of what I believe to be the Volcano everyone races about. First time smelling but I think I like it.


Lemon Marshmallow Sugar Cookie: Iced Lemon Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Toasted Marshmallow. 

If you have ever had ScentScationals Lemon Iced Sugar Cookies, this is almost the exact same lemon sugar cookie.



If you would like any of these reviewed in further detail let me know. 

I am very pleased with my order and how everything turned out. 


6 thoughts on “Vintage Road Candles Haul

  1. amandac99 says:

    Wonderful order! I always find out about the best brands I haven’t heard of from my fellow bloggers. My to try list continually gets longer.

    That little doggie does look so sad as he starts to melt…🙈😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Well, those little dog shapes are just adorable, but their sad, baleful eyes looking at me while they slowly melt, melt, meeelllllttttttt….I get why you’re creeped out! I had these little piggy face shapes one time, and I swear they were staring at me the entire time they were melting. Melting things with a face is hard!


  3. Julie Johnson says:

    What a fun vendor! And yes, that peppermint cotton candy sounds perfect for my tastes. You made off with an amazing assortment of yummies! Do you see yourself buying from them again? Lavender and tea berries sounds like another one I would spring for. Enjoy your new goodies!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I will have to do more melting before I decide if I want to order again but her wax does have a nice throw with some really good blends. I’m just iffy on the ‘messy’ wax. I like my bags to be as clean as possible so that everything looks nice in their drawers put away and sometimes I like to just take wax out and sniff but with this wax I really don’t even want to touch it. It was hard to set up good pictures with this as it was sliding out between my fingers it was so ‘greasy’ and anywhere you laid it, it would leave marks.
      So I’m not sure just yet. I would recommend her if soft wax isn’t an issue for you.


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