Bloom & Prosper Candle Co. Apple & Pear

Oddly enough I ran across this candle while in a Ross’s Dress for Less while looking for my husband a pair of pants. I wouldn’t have expected them to have a home fragrance isle. Long story short we walked out with two candles and a box to store wax in but no pants. Usually how the shopping game goes right? Go in for something but end up buying ten other things instead. 

Brand/Vendor: Bloom & Prosper Candle Co. 

Product: One Wick Scented Candle 

Cost: $2.99

Scent: Apple & Pear

Burned strong with a high flamed wick for at least 5-6 hours the first round. The next day I went to light the candle and it needed a little trimming yet it was as if I had hardly made a dent in the candle after many hours of burning. A+ on long lasting. Though for the scent throw I give it more of a C- because I just don’t get much of a throw unless I hover over the candle. This is a small candle so I tried moving it to a smaller room than my kitchen, a.k.a now the bathroom candle.

 It preformed a little better than before but not to my liking. If only it truly smelled as strong and sweet as it did on cold. The juiciness of a tart, sweet granny smith apple mingled with the crisp bite of fresh pear. Such a wonderfully sweet, green almost candy like scent that I wish I could have gotten more of when burning. 

 I recommend this being paired with a melt or being used mostly as a setting the mood candle as it just doesn’t put off much fragrance. Maybe I just got a dud this time but I would try another one for the price, convience (and cuteness!) in size and the longevity of the candle. 
Have you tried any candles from this brand? Any new candles that you have fallen head over heels for? Let me know! 


12 thoughts on “Bloom & Prosper Candle Co. Apple & Pear

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Too funny! I know how that goes though… especially in stores like Ross and Marshall’s. Too many fun things to rummage around in. I was looking really had at some cute cat mugs yesterday in Marshall’s but made myself step away. I had to buy other gifts!! Will you share your box with us?

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  2. amandac99 says:

    Thanks for inspiring a trip to my local Ross! I ended up with half a dozen candles that all smell wonderful on cold. I melted Salted Pumpkin & Ginger by the same brand last night and it had great throw! It was a big 2 wick candle; maybe yours was a bit lighter being a smaller travel tin? Of course it could just be the fragrance oils. I bought a couple of travel tins too so I will report back on how they do. Blog post up if you want to see what scents I got.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      I went over and took a look, commented there!! Very nice!! Pumpkin ginger sounds incredible! Hope you have better experiences with all of your candles. I have one more from my trip to test but I believe it is from a different brand


  3. jaybird says:

    I’ve never had luck with travel tin candles, throw or performance, even from larger candle brands. No candle purchases due to project wax/candle ban, but I sniffed around B&BW yesterday and loved Blue Ocean Waves! Good thing it wasn’t on semi-sale, I might have caved, but settled on a car disc in the scent instead. I really need some proper wax storage, I have boxes everywhere!:((

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      You know, I need a good ‘ proper’ storage system myself. I just have my drawer and two boxes but if I had a better method for it. I’ve seen some people cave and do the whole shelf thing or big bins but I just.. gah I’m not sure what would work best for me plus having it all out in the open like that, 1) I don’t really want to look at it all as not all of it looks nice just sitting on a shelf and 2) with it all out in the open not being contained with a lid or at least shut away some how, all the scents blended together in the air is a bit overwhelming and I fear headaches would be an issue in the household.
      Yeah I’m sure it may be the size now that I think about it, it just smelled so kick butt strong on cold.
      I haven’t dared stepped foot into a B&BW as I know it wouldn’t probably end well for me. I would just stock up on candles I really don’t need.

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  4. Joyce S. says:

    4 I love the scents of, found at Ross in tucson, az, where I live…

    Bloom & prosper cherrywood & cassis
    $4.99 beautiful dark cherry red glass

    B&P lily & chrysanthemum $2.99 tin
    B&P coastal sunset ditto as above

    (Feathers sunset woods pillar $2.99
    I hope this scent remains as the kind of special woody fragrance I got in the store; am not sure. Will try to return the 2 I bought if they disappoint, before being unwrapped and lit. Or at least 1 if I need to test 1 lit and it’s not the same.)

    Am not a candle / melt maven, so can’t say if these meet your criteria. I’m just happy I found them as most scents are not appealing to me. Thank you for asking!

    Came across your website while looking for Bloom & prosper’s contact info, to hopefully order more cherrywood & cassis; not available at Ross the last couple of times I was in there.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Welcome! So glad that you did stumble upon my blog during your search. I hope you enjoyed your stay and will come back and visit. Also, thank you for sharing some of the candles you have found from this company. I will definitely need to go back and see what my local Ross’s has to offer first. That Cherrywood Cassis sounds incredible.


      • joyce says:

        sorry for this delay in replying. too much to do, too little time….

        the cherrywood cassis is the best (other than a good evergreen / fir / spruce)! now i don’t see it at ross here (of course, i don’t check every day), or online in an affordable size. if you find the same one, $5 or under, please please let me know where! of course, the ross price was way better. i may have to pay more, if i decide i must get it again. you’re welcome, and thank you!

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