Laveau- Super Tarts 

Vendor/Brand: Super Tarts

Price: $4.00

Scent: Laveau 

Online Scent Description: Lavender Cream & Raw Sugar Crystal Buttercream

Throw: Strong 

Warmer Used: Glade 24 Wyatt 

I first experienced Brandi’s lavender cream in a sample of her Imortal Child blend which I really just didn’t care for. I knew that her orginal Go To Sleep was also very popular so I had wanted to try it for a long time but it was always sold out. 

Fast forward to several months later when her Oz collection is released and one of the scents was Tin Man. Tin Man– Pink Sugar, sweet lavender cream and stainless steel. (A Go To Sleep blend)

I than quickly fell head over heels for this blend. It was so good! So relaxing and calming. It threw strong long into the night and on into the early parts of the morning with only one cube. I was super bummed when I had melted threw my one clam and just wanted to kick myself for only having picked up one. Tin Man is still to this day sold out. 

After a restock of the AHS collection and one afternoon of online shopping, I ran across Laveau and after reading the notes lavender cream and Buttercream it was already in the cart. Sold. 

I was thrilled to realize that it must have been the lavender cream note from Tin Man that I loved so much because Laveau hit the nail on the head perfectly and had me wondering Tin Man who? 

Laveau is now one of my top favorites from ST. This is a must try if you like Brandi’s lavender cream. Decadent butter cream by the mounds full with drops of lavender swirled in to soothe you. 

A very strong thrower with only one cube needed. I love that I can get away with one cube to ration and make it last longer. 
Do you have a favorite from ST? 
Until Next Melt, 


4 thoughts on “Laveau- Super Tarts 

  1. jaybird says:

    Poor Tin Man, already forgotten, rustin away in the woods:( So, I’m not the world’s biggest ST Go to Sleep fan. I’ve tried and liked lavender blends, so it must be the cream part? I’m guessing I’d like the buttercream and sugar part-that’s almost sugar milk territory which I know you dislike and I love. Laveau could be our middle ground scent, possibly.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Julie Johnson says:

    Oooo baby! This scent sounds incredible! I used to adore Go To Sleep but now it has fallen to the wayside. Sometimes I get a weird plastic tone from it but other times it is nice. I will have to try this one though. I think the extra cream will smooth it out. ❤ Thanks for reviewing this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I’ve heard a few people say something about a plastic note from the original GTS. Though I have never tried it, I can vouch for the blends as they have really been wonderful. A must try!


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