“Sometimes I’ve Believed As Many As 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.”



My first Bathing Garden order is here! Finally after 6 weeks of checking the calendar periodically and counting the weeks to see if somehow time had magically sped up from the last time I checked. Now that I have experienced the wait though it truly wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be or had heard most say it was. I would make (and am waiting) on another order; the Sleepy bundle. I can not deny that I am pondering another order to pick up a few back up’s before they are pulled for good.


Nothing WhateverEarthy wild mint and ivy topped with vanilla cream

Sweet mint pulled fresh from the stem and crushed between the finger tips to release its crisp, earthy scent mingled with a creamy vanilla. Truly a whimsical scent just as playful as the decor adorning the surface.

Painting The Roses RedButter Cream Frosting and Coconut Cream Pie is layered over a blend of Raspberries and Roses

The scent of aged rose petals with the slightest raspberry note lingering behind mounds of butter cream frosting and shredded coconut.



Tea with the Queen -This tart is the most amazing scent of roobios red tea. Very comforting and mild, just like the drink. 

Tea fit for a queen. Perfumery almost to the nose as the florals swirl around with each twirl of the spoon followed by the bitter elegance of pipping hot tea.



Alice & Lavender Land –French lavender with vanilla extract and marshmallow cream.

Each lavender is unique in its own way. Shannon’s french lavender is more of a heavy, true lavender that becomes less offensive to the nose and more inviting with the added sticky sweet marshmallow cream. This one will be perfect for night time slumbers.

Sea of Tears -“Fresh air, sea salt, ocean mists, and aquatic floral. This is a sweet and beachy floral scent.”

Very beachy for sure as my nose picks up an almost copper tone type fragrance followed by aquatic notes of salty sea air. Perfect for summer melting.


When Wonderland Dreams –Wild berries blend with sugar crystals and powdery white floral’s for a sleep full of dreams

Comes off a bit clean and soapy to the nose with a hint of sugar to keep it from totally being a fresh scent. Very nice. Can’t wait to see how this performs once warmed.



NonWonderland Goodie


Lacquered Lollipops– Floral undertones with top notes of candied sweetness. 

Unsure of this one on cold. Very floral, a dried flower musk. Not much of a candied scent.



Lemon CheesecakeDelicious cheesecake swirled with tart lemon

The juice of a fresh lemon is so tart it will make your lips pucker. The cheesecake in this blend helps take the edge off that tartness, working to curve it in the right direction of being the perfect smooth dessert.





Left to right

Marzipan Poppy Cakes(Top left)Creamy almond marzipan is swirled with pomegranate, orange, and spicy notes of cinnamon and cardamom

Nutty flavoring added by the drops folded gently into our soft dough like mixture that smells slightly of fall bakery from the orange and spicy undertones.

Sweet Madi (Left)- Sweet vanilla blends with succulent, ripe strawberries and the soft floral of violet and jasmine

Violet and jasmine dominate blended with a powdery vanilla lace and light strawberry.


Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-White tea is layered under cool Moroccan mint in this refreshing tart.

Moroccan mint hits the senses, electrifying and tingly. White tea soothes and relaxes in the background all the while blending together to create a tea fit for the hatter.


Looking Glass-A fruity floral with cassis, peaches, sugar, and musk.

Sweet peaches and sugar granulates with just the faintest kiss of musk sitting on a top of a bed of florets drenched in the darkest of cassis. Elegant and dignified.


Top to Bottom, Left to Right.

Mid Summer SongSugared vanilla, candied lemon and orange and sweet dark berries.

Very tart and candy like. Makes me think of the powdered fun dips that would come in multi-colors with the candy stick or the baby bottle pops with the sour powder candy.


Bee SmittenSweet lavender, rose, ylang ylang, honey and citrus.

I really do not care for this one on cold.. something about it has me holding this one far, far away as it almost makes me want to sneeze. Just think allergies, pollen and honey.

Guava Berry GelatoGuava, raspberry, and strawberry iced up into creamy gelato.

Decadent creamy gelato with fresh strawberries and raspberries blended within to expose their seeds to give off its fruity aroma. At first the guava came off to my nose a bit funky but once you get past that and keep sniffing this is really a wonderful almost edible melt. DON’T EAT IT THOUGH.

Whimsy-Bergamot, orange, pineapple, and lemon combine with hints of banana and coconut for a bright and tropical smelling tart.

A beautifully complex fruity melt that makes me think of a mixture between smarties and a summer drink with hand squeezed oranges and bananas being the dominate notes. I think I may need this in a clam.



I am saving the last part of this order for a future post as it is pretty spectacular on its own and given its theme I think deserves its own post.


Did you order anything from the Wonderland collection? What were some of your favorites? Let me know!


7 thoughts on ““Sometimes I’ve Believed As Many As 6 Impossible Things Before Breakfast.”

  1. jaybird says:

    Ooh, I bet I can guess what the last part is. Lovely photos and melts, well done!
    I think at least 50% of BoB’s approve of TBG!
    I have noted for me, if the description says “while florals” I stay away, and I even like most powdery tones. I didn’t get the Sleepy Special, however, I’ve tried and loved it. All I could manage to do was jump into an order my sis was making~about 4 weeks left to go😂 really just that last week is the hardest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Shh it’s a secret! 😛 haha! jk
      I am still on the fence about making another order this go around. I need to hop into some melting to decide if I need more before they are gone yet I want to hold onto their beauty a little while longer. I am very excited about the sleepy bundle as it also includes a heavenly scrub! My first full size scrub of Shannon’s!


  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Lovely! And yay, it finally came! I actually don’t find the turnaround time that atrocious; plan ahead a bit and it’s totally doable.

    Such a great order. I love the Alice in Wonderland Collection. I haven’t tried any of TBG’s Halloween scents, which I hear are pretty dope, but I think the Alice and Circus collections are my favourite. I can’t quite get on board with some floral that shows up in TBG’s scent repertoire frequently (maybe that white floral that Jay is talking about?) but everything else has been pretty darn delightful so far. Enjoy your loot!

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Thank you!!
      Oh I know what you mean about the Halloween scents. I am tempted every year by them but I haven’t caved yet on trying. Probably now that I have had my first order and have had the experience will I then order this year. They just look soo spooky and fun!
      The floral is not my favorite either and I am not sure they will be able to grow on me.. Lacquered Lollipops is a big uncertainty to me at the moment.
      Though I have heard a lot of people mention the floral in Sea of Tears that I am unable to pick up on, on cold.


      • Sandra Lewrey says:

        I think Julie was a little iffy on that one as well (Lacquered Lollipops…as in, where’s the lollipop?!) The name spoke to me, but not its component scents.

        Halloween’s going to get ugly this year – we go all-in!


  3. Julie Johnson says:

    What a fabulous Bathing Garden haul! Yes, like Sandra said, Lacquered Lollipops threw me for a loop. I did not pick up any of the notes she listed. But hey. They can’t be all winners. I still do try to branch out and be adventurous with Shannon’s blends since some end up being fast faves, but yes, the White florals can be hit or miss for me. Sometimes they work, sometimes I hate them. But I am happy you like the majority of your order! They make your home smell so lovely. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      For the most part I am pretty happy with my order! Something I have noticed and it could be that I may have not let things properly cure yet, but some of Shannon’s stuff throws super strong almost to the point of throwing you out of the room with one cube while others can be more subtle and delicately fragrant the room enough to notice a nice fragrance. Its kind of a game to find that nice balance.


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