Summer Vibes-Rose Girls


Summer officially began yesterday, June 20th, so I felt like this was the perfect melt to kick off summer with a bang. Though with it being as hot as it has been I wouldn’t have guessed that summer had JUST now started.


Summer Vibes is defined as: To be in the moment of summer.

What exactly does my summer look like so far? I wish somewhere like in the above picture with nice ocean waves and sandy beaches to wash all my cares and worries away.

Instead it is just mostly hot hot hot and work work work with the occasional Taco Tuesday and movie night snuggles in between! Luckily enough the temperatures recently have been sticking within the 90’s not reaching the triple digits just yet.

Summer Vibes-Blue Raspberry, Lemonade and Strawberry Daiquiri.” 10 oz Bag



This melted strong in my bedroom and living room for several hours filling my house with the perfect beach beverage you’d be happy to hold in your hand while dipping your toes in the water. Strawberry daiquiri dominate with blue raspberry swirled in for good measure, Lemonade kicks it up a notch by quenching the thirst and all in all bringing this melt together for the perfect ‘drink’ melt that is wonderful for summer melting


Until Next Melt


4 thoughts on “Summer Vibes-Rose Girls

  1. amandac99 says:

    Perfect description of summer “hot, hot, hot with work and the occasional taco Tuesday…” 😂 So true. I wish I was at the beach too!
    Love RG; attempting to melt RG Posh Pristine Peach right now (watermelon, pomegranate, peach,) but the heat and fans are messing with the throw. 😒

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Girl as I was writing this and talking about the heat I was thinking of you! You pour thing and the heat!!
      Hey, can’t forget taco Tuesday! I know my husband won’t let me forget it! Lol once he learned that was a thing.. it became a thing in our household lol.


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