Golden Doors of Wonder 

Vendor/Brand: The Bathing Garden

Product: 6 Cube Clamshell

Scent: Nothing Whatever

Online Scent Description: Earthy wild mint and ivy topped with vanilla cream

Throw: Medium to Strong with one cube


A sweet wild mint pulled fresh from the stem and ripped between the finger tips to release its crisp, earthy aroma mingled with a creamy vanilla. Truly a whimsical scent just as playful as the decor adorning the surface.

I just love the whimsical fun the doors create to this melt as it just adds a fun element of imagination to the little creature that could live within. Fairy door? Hobbit door? Troll maybe? Who knows, up to you!


Before any cure time, this threw at around a medium with one cube in my living room glade warmer. I believe it will throw even stronger in a smaller room like my bedroom. The coolness of the mint leaf and green ivy makes me think this would also be a good melt for the times those pesky headaches flare up as it is refreshing and soothing. A beautiful mint blend that I will want to have in my stash, a repurchase for sure if I make another order.



Have you tried this scent? What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Golden Doors of Wonder 

    • themeltdownblog says:

      Thank you!! I actually had thought of you during this shoot thinking how you would probably enjoy this hobbit theme.
      It really is an incredible scent. I will let the rest probably cure a bit before using the rest but now I am wondering if I need to swoop up some more before it is all gone.


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