Bacon Blended In A Wax Melt? 

Vendor/Brand: Super Tarts

Scent: Fireside, Smoked Bacon Brulee

Throw: Strong

Warmer Used: Tea Pot Tea Light (Hobby Lobby)

A very confusing blend. I can’t make my mind up on if this blend works or not. Very deep and smokey. Not like liquid smoke but like sitting around the fire as the oak logs burn and turn to embers. There is just a touch of almost a maple type glaze behind the smoke that each piece of bacon was dipped in than cooked until caramelized perfection was reached. Chopped than used as a garnish on top of a freshly made creme brulee with a crunchy, browned sugar top. Sweetness mellows out the smoke to a more tolerable fragrance yet  it’s still just.. different. Pungent at times with the thick fog of  maple smoke.

As I usually do with ST wax, one cube threw very well and with the strong smoky flavor I would say less is better unless you like to be thrown against the wall with your scents.

So this is more of a different type of blend but it wasn’t AS terrible as I had first imagined. I wouldn’t repurchase but it was nice to give it a whirl to see what this fragrance was all about.

Until Next Melt,


4 thoughts on “Bacon Blended In A Wax Melt? 

  1. AngelaKay says:

    Great review! I noticed this one on the website, but quickly exited when I saw “bacon” listed. I figured, I don’t love bacon enough to want it in a melt! Your description of it sounds a lot better than I imagined, though.

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