Waxageddon- I Made A Mess

☠Prepare yourself for graphic images ahead. Viewer discretion is advised. ☠

Though I didn’t capture all of what was covered in wax including myself (hands, arm), floor, down the side of the toilet, ect. It was a huge mess. 

What Happened? 

My Mainstays wall plugin warmer had been previously melting Super Tarts Tate & Violet. Since I was home alone, I had decided to take my phone into the bathroom to charge while I take my shower in case anyone decided to call as I was previously texting my husband minutes before about a few things. Thinking the warmer had a little time to cool off I was careful (or so I thought) to remove the warmer from the wall to move it to the next socket to free it up to charge my phone. That is when the thin layer of wax moved and wax sloshed EVERYWHERE including my arm, hand, floor, jewelry holder, everything on the counter ect. 

Ironic thing is, If you see in the top picture(white disk, four holes) there is a top to the warmer that would have prevented this if I had just used it!

I’ve made a mess before, No big deal. It’s a pain but I can clean it up…than I see it’s in the plug-in socket and the wall. What!? Lucky me the main plug-ins prongs have saftey covers over them until you plug something into them. I just have to worry about the bottom prong. 

Terrified to stick anything in ANY piece of a live socket, it was nerve wracking to clean out that bottom piece but I managed to clean it out with the end of a q-tip just barely raking it in than blowing out the pieces. Please don’t do this. I don’t know the correct way to do this but I just did the only thing I thought to do. 

For the wall I managed to easily get it off with some scrubbing with a good ole Magic Eraser. Great to keep on hand for waxaccidents and stained warmers alike.

I was able to get almost everything clean. My warmer I haven’t had a chance to clean up but for now I’m not in any hurry to use it after that mess. At least it wasn’t a large warmer that holds more to make an even bigger mess. 
I know this post is a little all over the place but I thought I would share with you my accident! 
What’s the worst mess you’ve ever made with wax? What happened? Let me know!
Until Next Melt, 


4 thoughts on “Waxageddon- I Made A Mess

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Oh noes!!! That does not look fun. So sorry that happened. I swear, my wall plug-in warmer is the one that usually gives me the most trouble as far are changing out the wax. I use cotton balls for that one but it is still finicky. Always trying to fall out of the socket. Glad you were able to get most of it up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • themeltdownblog says:

      I just told myself it could have been worse. It could have been carpet but luckily enough it was the bathroom floor. I’m very happy I got it off the wall. The magic eraser really comes in handy!


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