Pineapple Lily- A Bath & Body Works Review

Vendor/Brand: Bath & Body Works

Scent: Pineapple Lily

Product: 3 Wick 14.5 oz Scented Candle

Price: $22.50 (Bought Mine On Sale, 2 for 24)

Scent Description: Fresh Pineapple combines with delicate lily petals and crisp greens to create the prettiest spring fragrance.

Throw: Nice & Strong

This candle.. How has it gone un-noticed in my closet for so long? I’ve had the weirdest craving for pineapple recently and with no pineapple scented melts in sight, this really was a sight for sore eyes!

This weekend I was home and cleaning the counters when the mood struck to light a candle. After sifting through a few candles I found this one from what I believe to be from Springs collection 2 years ago.  It smells wonderfully of juicy pineapple slices mingled with a background of sweet floral lilies. Probably a close favorite along side my beloved London Calling. Both are very delicate and stunning. Of course I would find a favorite too late to stock up on it.

Tall flames burned strong for several hours, no puny wicks this time. Nice even throw across my whole living room/ kitchen area. This candle had me turning off my warmer (SHOCKING!) to just enjoy the fragrance of it alone. Very beautiful and uplifting.

Have you burned any candles recently?


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