If You Could Be 16 Again, Would You?


Vendor/Brand: Vintage Road Candles

Scent: Sweet 16

Product: 1.9-2.2 oz Wax Chunk

Online Scent Description: Strawberry/Bubble Gum base, Pink Sugar/Cotton Candy & Lavender middle chunks, Sugar Cookie/Birthday Cake top

 Throw: Light 

 On cold this is a very sweet melt as to be expected. First sniff I pick up on the sugary powder that dust the tops of the original pink bubble gum and gum tape. Though it is so sickenly sweet and pink it is giving off almost a Pepto Bismol type scent in the bag. After chopping this chunk into 4 pieces and placing 1/4 in my warmer I just let it go and continued around the house doing chores. Coming back to the warmer about 30 minutes later I was unable to detect much of anything. I then decide to throw in another half and after about 10-15 minutes the slightest bit of scent came through as more of a light, cotton candy strawberry. 


Ah, the big 16! The year your bratty teen self thinks you’re now a grown-up and can conquer the world. Also it’s the year your birthday isn’t just a normal birthday. It’s a birthday most hold sacred and go all out for. 

For my 16th:

(Luckily) I was brought up in a very creative/crafty household so we were able to make almost everything needed for the Halloween “Ball” for my party. The rest of the spooky material we had on hand from my grandmother’s old mansion that was built back in the early 1900’s that we used for space and décor. We went all out on homemade invitations that included spider web and confetti on the inside to spooky treats to serve such as meringue bones and witch fingers. We created a dot room outside that had people hiding against the walls disguised in matching dot outfits so that it would appear that they just popped out of nowhere to scare you as you walked through. 

We danced the night away in all our different Halloween outfits. Even had intervals where we were chased around the dance floor by Jason and his chainsaw. Scared me half to death! I have never seen a dance floor scatter so fast in my life. My husband, just a friend at the time, arrived with a few friends and used a costume that wasn’t being used which the choice made my heart flutter. FREAKING PHANTOM OF THE OPERA HALF MASK AND CAPE! Ladies, I know you have to be with me on this one. Your heart would be throbbing too right?? Right? He asked me to dance and it was just me and him. Me in this beautiful dress and the man I wanted to be with looking as handsome as ever dancing the night away.

So my Sweet 16 brings back good memories. 
What about you? Do you have any good memories of being 16? Did you have a party? 
Until Next Melt, 


4 thoughts on “If You Could Be 16 Again, Would You?

  1. jaybird says:

    That was some special party, very cool memory. I kid you not when I say I have no recollection of my 16th birthday. I did go to a fun Halloween dance in 8th grade, with vampire teeth and fake blood, I think that was my first girl-boy dance:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    A Halloween ball? Oh my gosh, I love it so much, that sounds wonderful. 🙂 I love your memory. I don’t really love the sound of that wax, though. I’m way off the super sweet scents these days.

    But in answer to your question, no, I wouldn’t go back to being 16 again – at least not knowing what I know now. Because 16-year-old me was a major dumbass!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. themeltdownblog says:

    Yeah, the melt didn’t really cut it for me. Oh the ball was wonderful! My mother and grandmother were such sweethearts to help me make it come alive.
    True, I wouldn’t want to be 16 again either. Maybe live the life of a 16 year old to not have to worry about bills or adulthood but I wouldn’t want to go back to that age.


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