Band Of Bloggers- July


As mid-summer approaches, my mind drifts to vacation times, getaways or mini excursions out and about. One tank trips. Parks to explore.


Do you take a summer vacation or do small getaways? What do you have planned? If not, what would be your ideal vacation or retreat? What are your favorite local haunts? Give us some places to check out!

A trip I am itching to go on is taking my husband to Universal Studios and Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was such a blast a few years back when I went during a family vacation. I know with the new additions (park) it is bound to be an even better and more thrilling experience especially when sharing those moments with him. I want him to experience and see all the things that I saw and lets face facts that I also just want to relive some of those amazing memories too!!  The 18+ hour car ride is a little less than ideal but in the end the pay off is worth it to have a frozen Butterbeer in hand while waving your wand in the other. My husband on the other hand has another cruise on the brain and that will probably be our next trip together. Either way I am ready for a nice vacation just the two of us! 



I am not going to lie…. as summer starts revving up… I am catching myself not only daydreaming about vacation but also fall scents. I am sure it may be too early for some and others melt fall scents year ’round, but I must ask… where are you planning to order your fall smell goods from? It can be vendor wax, candles, bath and body or perfumes. Just spill!





With fall type scents I usually start to get in the mood for melting them right around late August early September. Though if it could be fall year around I would love it! PUMPKIN DECOR EVERYWHERE and jacket weather always! Yet with scents I usually stick with seasonal melting when it comes to season scents with just the occasional melt here and there throughout the year as a comfort scent. I plan on placing my first Dessa’s Home Spun Scents order for some creamy pumpkin butter, blueberry waffles and spicy October goodness as I hear that her autumn melts are life changing. Also of course I plan on grabbing some of Brandi’s Fright Night collection from Super Tarts as they slowly start making their appearance back in stock.



Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below.

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13 thoughts on “Band Of Bloggers- July

  1. jaybird says:

    Aw, I do love the sight of Hufflepuff with your wand.💛 I’m tempted to get all of ST’s house waxes just for display, though I’d never burn Gryff and Huff bc of the scents. I still need to try my Ravenclaw, how did Slytherin work out?
    The hubs and I are toying w/idea of a future weekend at the Wizarding World. Flying would be the only way for us, but I guess you could turn the car trip into part of the vacation if you stopped at at few cool spots. I hope you and the Mister get that time away soon!

    We’re twinning on the Dessa’s too! I’m positive of ordering in August for my scents to be ready in September.

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      I still neeed to try Ravenclaw and Gryff myself. I’ve heard that Gryff is amazing though. Hufflpuff on the other hand is mostly just for looks for me as the banana candy is just not working for me. Weird because I use to do all things banana but this..this is just different. For Slytherin I have yet to try it too! Still in the big box of ST to try! Not sure I dig it on cold though everyone raves about Slytherin.

      As I was telling Deb, I do not know what is holding me back on ordering. I need to just go on and do it already!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Deb E says:

    18+ hour car ride…..ugh. Would it be worth it to fly? I’m not a traveler, I have no idea.. lol

    I’ve gotten fall/winter scents from Dessa’s the past few years and they are indeed awesome.


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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Girl.. I have never flown before so I’m not too sure about that. It would indeed shorten the trip tremendously but is it worth the nerves haha. My mom has always said if she goes back she is flying and staying on site to avoid having to shuttle back and forth, so the expenses will indeed go up.

      Good to hear about Dessa’s, I need to go on ahead and just place my order with her already. I’m not really sure what I am waiting on.


  3. Julie Johnson says:

    I hope you guys get to go to the Wizarding World again! Our family loves it too and Adam said when we end up moving to Orlando we will get passes. >>EEEKKKK<< And a cruise?! How fun! Hoping to take the girls on one of those soon. But gotta save those pennies.

    Super Tarts has a ton of fun fall and Halloween scents. I love Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus. Looking forward to your fall hauls, lady! xoxo

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  4. Sandra Lewrey says:

    I love the fall, but I’m cool holding out for a bit – there’s still lots of summer to be had. Besides, I really overdid it on the fall scents last year, melted through pretty well everything I had, actually, and even now, I’m still quite apple and pumpkin’d out. I’d be down with fall temperatures, though.

    You know my feelings on Disney, but I’m very much pro-Universal – I might even like the two parks more, but Universal is missing that crucial Haunted Mansion element. 😉 Getting to show somebody around the parks, especially all that wonderful new Harry Potter stuff, is so much fun in and of itself – I loved sharing my experiences with my husband, who was a newbie the first time we went.

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