Another Bam Bag Haul

Bam bags usually have a TAT of 4-6 weeks. As for these bam bags they took the full 6 week TAT because of the volume in orders. They shipped the same day that another bag opening was announced this past weekend. I had all intentions of sitting it out until I saw Tin Man made the list. It was a MUST have so I kept to only ordering one bag.

Lemongrab: Tart Lemondrops, Sugar Crystals and Cotton Candy. 

The same delicious lemon oil used in Mouse Ears without the fizz and added cotton candy for sweetness. A really fresh, clean yet sweet scent. 

This blends swimmingly with Sleepy Beauty aiding in toning down more of that powdery lavender.  

Sleepy Beauty- Lavender Cream, Rose Jam and Birthday Cake

A very beautiful nightime or relaxing afternoon melt. A different way of experiencing Brandi’s lavender cream and her rose jam as usually I am not a huge fan of RJ. This almost comes off powdery to the nose at first. A kind of baby powder type scent that soon mellows out to the sweet lavender and creamy cake. 
Did you order anything from this past opening? Have any pending orders? 

Until Next Melt, 


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