Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 1 Food/Drink

Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 1 Food/Drink


I finally fell down the rabbit hole of Demeter Fragrance. With the hundreds of scents they have to choose from, it took me at least an hour in a half to go through the classic scents and come up with the cart full that I now have to share with you. I have always been intrigued by this company because of the weird and wacky that they offer such as Crayon, Fuzzy Balls (tennis balls), New Baby ect. but also because of their single scents such as Earl Grey Tea and Angel Food.  So for my first order I started small to test a few scents only getting the samples and if I like it than moving on to a bigger size. A few of these I got just for fun while others I truly was interested in having to wear. So that we don’t keep you here all day I have broken this haul into two parts: Food/Drink and Outdoors/Misc.


Angel Food: Reminds me exactly of angel food cake without the sticky sugar residue! Sweet, light and fluffy. An egg, sugar and flour mixture that is just the perfect amount of sweetness with almost a hint of whipped cream. This is one I may have to have in a large bottle. 

Earl Grey Tea: I am a little on the fence about this one. Rich in bergamot and very intense. Almost inky like smelling  in the bottle. 

Pumpkin Pie: Fresh and creamy pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger for ‘taste’. I cannot wait to wear this when fall comes around and smell like pumpkin! 

Popcorn : Concession stand butter flavoring hits the nose first followed by the familar toasted popped corn kernels. My husband was curious to how realistic this one would be and he wasn’t disappointed. 

Pizza: I quickly regret my descison.. do I have to smell it..? Alright here it goes. *audible gag* well.. You live and you learn. This is disgusting.. sorry. It smells of a tomato cream vomit. I’m not sure if that’s exactly it but I won’t put my nose near it anymore. I refuse to even spray it, smelling the nozel was way too much. The comments said how true of a pizza smell it was so I was intrigued but now.. no way. 

Free Gift

If you spent over $30 you received a free giftI was happy to find that my free gift was a full 1.0 oz bottle of fragrance! 

Fuzzy Navel:  Smells of crisp peaches and cream once it dries on the skin with maybe the slightest fizz if any at all. I’m really impressed with this and happy to have it in a big bottle. 

I enjoy that these perfumes are subtle enough to blend with other fragrances. 
Though I’m still testing and playing around with a few, I’m currently having issues with the scent lasting. 
Anyone else have this difficulty?  Have you tried Demeter? What are some of your favorites?

Let me know! Part 2 will be next with some of my favorites!  


4 thoughts on “Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 1 Food/Drink

  1. jaybird says:

    I don’t know much about the brand except for what Finger Candy posted from her birthday, I’m under the impression there are a lot of foodie scents I wouldn’t be keen on, but mixing with other types would be cool. Too bad the Earl Grey is iffy, I would have grabbed that sample too. What a score to receive a free bottle of cologne! Can I ask the cost of each sample?
    I’m looking forward to the outdoorsy scents in part 2. My poor readers, I always keep them here all day, lol!

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Oh but they have many other scents, you should look at the site to see what all may jump out at you. I believe the samples are about 3.20 each for .17 oz mini spray. But I believe for first time buyers you can use a discount code (don’t forget like I did!)

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  2. Julie Johnson says:

    Pizza. Yuck. No thank you. But that angel food cake maybe layered with the peach would be dreamy. I think they tend to be really fleeting due to their single note nature, there aren’t really any substantial base notes like patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and so on to anchor the scent. Plus I think they are lighter concentrations rather than a parfum or oil. Mostly for funsies.

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