Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 2: Outdoors/ Misc.

Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 2: Outdoors/ Misc. 

If you are here from my last Demeter Fragrance post, Part 1 Food/Drink, welcome! You already know that I took the plunge with my first order and ordered a handful of samples to get a fill of which scents I would like. Some just for fun while some I was actually genuinely curious about.

Let’s continue on!


Pixie Dust: Sugar rolled fruits, spun sugar and happiness.  The fruits I believe I smell are sugared strawberries and cranberries.  I enjoy this one a lot. 

Firefly: A fun blend of fragrances that will have you believing you are outside chasing fireflies every time you take a wiff. Grassy undertones with a hint of dirt and pine. How they managed to capture childhood memories and crisp night air in a jar blows my mind!

Snow: I was a little confused yet intrigued on how snow could and would smell. An earthy ground type scent mingled with a blanket of frozen morning dew leaving the imagination to see a thin layer of fresh fallen snow being met by sunrise.

This one blends well on top of pixie dust! ‘Snow fairy’ with its own twist!

Ocean: This is more of a cologne man-made beach fragrance than a realistic beach waves and sea mist. Not terrible but more on the chemical side. 

Leather: Its like pressing your nose into a new leather jacket. Real, clean, smooth leather. My husband’s favorite. I recommended he spray it on his pillow like many had suggested in the comments and he now request I spray his pillow every night! 

Tarnish: Not what you would expect. More masculine and cologne deepness with an upper note of aged metal than a straight metal stink. 

Crayon: Childhood waxy memories from your favorite crayon box. 

Play-Doh: Nostalgic salty dough with an added wearable sweetness.



Out of this bundle my favorites are Firefly, Pixie Dust and Snow.
So that was my haul! Hope you guys enjoyed a little something different. Let me know if you’ve tried this vendor or are thinking of trying them! 


6 thoughts on “Demeter Fragrance Sampler Order Part 2: Outdoors/ Misc.

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    What a fun sampler!! One of my besties loves the scent of Play-Doh so I picked that up and mailed it to her for her birthday one year. She gets a kick out of wearing it. Demeter has such a huge library of imaginative scents. I loved reading these reviews! Have fun layering!

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  2. Sandra Lewrey says:

    Super cool! Great idea going with the sampler vials as well – so much better than jumping in to the whole bottle end of the spectrum all at once (although I do find that *most* of their scents work out pretty well – maybe not that pizza one (oh, yak!) but there’s some absolute slam dunks (Angel Food Cake among them – I bought a bottle of that back in, like, 1999!)

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    • themeltdownblog says:

      Yes, the pizza is for sure a no go🤢🤢, so gross. But the angel food cake is the bomb! I was a little worried diving into a full bottle yet there is one I may have to as it is only offered in larger size. That’s the Mr. Bubble one. If I remember correctly that is total nostalgia and I love it, I guess it would be more simple to just go buy the bubble bath and sniff huh? Lol


      • Sandra Lewrey says:

        Mr. Bubble! I have only ever done, like, two sponsored posts in the four years I’ve been blogging, and that was one of them – Demeter sent me a Mr. Bubble perfume, and I did a cute mani to go along with it. It definitely smells like bubble bath – that sort of dry, soapy note? Not quite my jam, but it’s the first “press” thing I ever received, so it holds a special place in my heart (and my storage!)

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